Amazing Australia Trip Day 10~17/4 2nd skydiving Attempt at Torquay, Geelong, Melbourne city

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 10

17/4 Phillip Island, Second skydiving Attempt at Torquay, Geelong, Melbourne city

We got up at 6am's too crazy that we need to wake up so early!!!!!!!!!!  Our hostel was like empty at this early morning!!

It's the living room in our hostel!!!  It's quite lovely in fact, so home feeling.  It's $30 each, the cheapest hostel in Phillip Island.

Our room is just in the white it's just next to this pool table outside our noisy!!!

It's our hostel - Chill House, so bad that we didn't chill a lot there!!  By the way, I like this small pink post box!

We always need a lot of energy to close the luggage back door!!

Self-petrol filling.

  Do you see the shop behind me?  When we finished, we needed to go back to the shop to pay and there was only one staff working in the shop.  I didn't think she will notice us if we fill the petrol and just went away!!!  Of course, we didn't do so!!

We bought our breakfast in that shop!!   Again, the hot dog is self-made and we put 2 sausages!! Tricky!!  It's our first time to try this double sausages hot dog!!

After 3 hours driving, we arrived the skydiving centre in Torquay!!!  It's our second attempt!!

What a sunny day, we supposed our skydiving could be done today!

Filling some application and declaration forms
and paid. We all looked serious and we started to nervous now!!

After paying all the money and filling the registration form, I thought we could skydiving immediately but then the instructor said it's so windy and asked us to wait

We thought we just wait a bit
and we're still so excited at the beginning except Marie was already bored and started yawning!!!  She told us she couldn't sleep very well these days!!.

I'm holding my skydiving pass and still waiting for the skydiving!!

Michelle and me on Marie's sunglasses!!

We waited for quite a long time indeed and all got bored so we started to take many silly pictures!!!

Carina and me!!!  It's my first time to travel with her.  She is Michelle's classmate, I wasn't so familiar with her before but we became friend since this trip!

After playing the silly photo for a while, I decided to take a nap on the grass ground....what a relaxing day in this tight schedule but I prefer to do the skydiving!!

Marie told us that it's the
best sleep she had in Australia.  She could sleep better here more than in the hostel!!

After waiting for a long hours. the instructor asked us to take a lunch first and the would call us to inform us if the skydiving could be done.

So we drove like 5 minute to the town to have a lunch first.  Did I look professional with my camera?

These girls are too cute
, but there moms didn't care of the hygiene problem so well  The girl just fell her ice-cream on the floor, but her mom just picked it up from the floor and remove the top ice-cream and returned to her daughter again!!

The food looked so tasty in this restaurant!!!  It's like a luxury restaurant but it cost below $20 each, not bad!!

Torquay is a surfing city, so the sea is a must item!!  This photo was taken by Michelle, she liked it quite a Forrest Gump

nice beach~~~~After waiting 5 hours, finally I received the call from the skydiving center, the instructor said he didn't think the wind would leave by today so he cancelled our booking!!!  What a shame that we needed to come back to the center and got our refund!!!!!  I'd love to do the skydiving rather than refund!!!  We're just too disappointed for wasting 5 hours for nothing!!!  We had no choice but driving back to Melbourne city to return our car by 6pm!!

We stopped a bit in Geelong and saw the aircraft!

Geelong is also a surf city, nothing much to see!!

Just have this kind of outdoor stuff!!

On our way back to Melbourne city, we're in travel jam again!!!!  I hate the city!!!  Driving isn't fun in city at all.  The GPS couldn't work again!!!  We're in hurry again!!  We supposed to drop off our luggage in the hostel and then return the car, but we didn't have enough time so we just dropped off our luggage in somewhere near the hostel.  Michelle and Carina were going to take care the luggage, Marie and me were going to return the car.  We asked Michelle and Carina stayed in there and we'd returned back to pick up our luggage and went to the hostel together.  However, when we arrived Hertz, Michelle texted me that they had moved our luggage up to the room!!!  We're too surprised that these 2 girls could move all our luggage up to our room and we're in 3/F without a lift!!!!  They're man!!!!!!!!

Luckily, our car returned on time and it's just like AUD80 each for 4 days...not bad!!!  We're so hot after this moving up stuff, so we took a shower and went out for our last night Victoria sightseeing!

We returned to the
Eureka Tower!! I was quite interested in "The Edge" - a glass cube which projects 3 metres out from the building - with you in it - suspended almost 300 metres above the ground! However, after seeing the real thing, I don't want to spend AU$12 for this!!

Melbourne city!!

Michelle brought a tripod to the tower, so we could take this beautiful view.  In my view, the HK night view is still more beautiful!

We met a HK guy who suggested us to use a flash to take the picture!!  What a good suggestion!!

Street Arts!!

ing again and went to a Greek restaurant near the tower!!!!!!  it's our first time to try the Greek food!!!  It wasn't bad but I prefer the Mexican food more!!

This is lamb...the menu described it as "couldn't miss". so we ordered it...what a disappointing meal!!!!  It's like boiled lamb meat like the Chinese soup!!!strange!!!

After a long day, we're so tired again.  I present a self-made certificate to Marie to thank for her excellent driving in these 4 days.  We're leaving to different town tomorrow!!  My flight will be the earliest, so I need to wake up so early again!!!!!  See you girls all in Hong Kong, it's so fun to travel with you all....

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photo by: tropiksun