Amazing Australia Trip Day 1 - 8-9/4 Early arrival in Tasmania

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Amazing Australia Trip Day 1 - 8-9/4 Early arrival in Tasmania

I got a site inspection in the afternoon, so after the site inspection, I went back home direct to pack my stuff and met Michelle for picking up a travel medicine pack and went to the airport direct to catch up my flight to Sydney at 9pm.  It'll be my first time to take a long haul flight alone, I expected the flight would be very full due to the Easter break, I wished I could get upgraded to the business class due to the full of economy class.  Unfortunately, it was only my dream.

As I applied the CX Ameican Express card, so I got a Marco Polo membership that I could check in and got the priority boarding with the business class passengers in the designated club counters.  It was pretty cool!!  Also, I got a coupon to access the lounge in the airport that was something I really wanted to try.

So this is the lounge where is very small and queit.

I was sittng here!!

I was expected to have sme nice food here as I didn't have time for my dinner.  However, the choice of food in the lounge was really limited and that were the food I got!!  It's kind of disappointed but the services provided was quite good!!

There were 2 computers in the lounge to provid free internet connection, I left my last message before boarding in the facebook via this computer.

Ready to take off!!!

As it is my first time to take a long haul alone, I got many weird thoughts for it.  For example, I might meet a nice guy who was also traveling alone on flight and then we could travel together for the whole trip!!!  So sweet!!!  Unfortunately, it's a dream only!!!!  It was an middle aged woman sitting next to me, she has been living in Sydney for many years.  However, she still didn't realize much about English!! It's so weird, but she is a nice woman anyway.  We talked a bit and she thought I got a boyfriend in Australia as she didn't believe a little girl like me will travel alone and it's my first time to Australia funny she was!!  When we landed, she wished me to hava a nice holiday in Australia too.

The pre-ordered meal by CX.  It's great taht you choose your meal when you booked your tickets as you will be have your meal prior to other passengers.  It's just like a VIP services and the woman sitting next to me was so jealous about it as she was so hungry!!!

Strange that they gave me this cute Straw to me..they thought I was a kid??

The first sunrise in the Pacific Ocean, it's so beautiful!!

The breakfast was back to normal!!

Nice Morning!! I hope everything will be fine!!

Arrived safely at Sydney Internation Airport very early but I needed to wait for more than 4hours to catch up the domestic flight to Lanuceston

Virgin Blue, the budget domestic airline, no food served on flight.

I strongly advise you to buiy a air pass from Virgin Blue ( before you left home, if you are going to take more than 3 flights around Australia and New Zealand.  It's so cheap and flexible!!  I love the whole idea so much!!!

Virgin Blue Airpass is the discount flight package available to international guests.  It gives you the best possible price with great flexibility!!  Before your arrival of Australia/New Zealand, you can change your flight route, time and date without any fee.  After you arrive Australia/New Zealand, you can change the time and date of your flight without any fee!!  Of course, if there are fares differences between the flight, you need to pay the differences.  I bought 3 tickets Sydney-->Launceston, Hobart-->Melbourne, Melbourne-->Sydney and it took me less than AUD$350, all sub-charges, taxes and 23kg checked baggage included!!!!!  So so so cheap!!!!

That's my lunch..2 Donuts & a cup of hot chocolate!!  The hot chocolate looked and tasted so good!!

That is my boarding just looked like some random recepit that I was so easy to flow it away.

Arrived safely at the Launceston Airport and a dog was checking our baggages see if we had brought any food/fruit/wooden to Tasmania!

Here, I met 2 guys, one was from Netherlands and the another was from Taiwan.  We talked online in a traveling forum a few time before and since the Dutch guy owned a car, so he could drive us to everywhere and we just shared the fuels costs with him.  That was my first adventure to travel with 2 completely strangers that I had never met until I arrived the country!!

Cradle Mountain was our first destination, so we went straight to the information to search for the information of it.  However, the staff there advised us not to go as he didn't expect us to arrive by this evening.  Instead of going straight to the Cradle Mountain, we decided to go to Sheffield, a small town near the Cradle mountain.  The staff in the information center was so nice to help us to find a cheap backpacker hostel to us there.

On the way to Sheffield, we stopped over in a little dam called Trevallyn Dam as Richard was so interested in dam stuff.

So this is that  small Dam..there were only 3 of us here, no anyone else... We could enjoy a big peaceful land here!!

Although it wasn't a tourist spot, it's a nice and beautiful place.

First picture with my traveling buddies, Ted and Richard. 

After a short stay in this little Dam, we drove directly to the Sheffield where was really a small with nothing there.  We stayed in a camp site area with a kitchen but we didn't really have any food to cook.  Luckily, Ted got some instand noodles and Richard got some bread and cheese, so that was our first dinner. 

That is our camp site...not bad....and surrounded by some beautiful mountains!!  We thought this mountain was cradle mountain at the silly

The cabin we stayed

Tasmania is the coolest state in Australia as it is close to the South Pole.  It's great that there was a real fire place in the common area in the camp site, so we planned our comping journey in front of the fireplace which is so warm and comfortable.  We met an English couple in the common room too, they have been visited Australia for 8 times already!!!!  It's so crazy as Australia and England are jsut too far away, they have to spend a whole day of flying...I couldn't bear for it for sure.  They're nice people and provided some advices for our trip...

Since we didn't have much to do here and I was so tired after a long flight, we slept so early on our first night. 

This is our bedroom...

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