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New Years day was the laziest day ever.  I guess that's one thing that doesn't change no matter where you are in the world.  Breakfast happened around noon, and most of the day was spent playing games, watching movies, and just hanging out with Eva and her siblings.  At night we went to the Tivoli in town and saw Harry Potter with Dutch subtitles.  I can't tell you how amused I was by that experience.  Why they change character names when they translate books I'll never understand, but Cedric had become "Carlo", Seamus had become "Simon", and Moaning Mrytle had become "Jenny", among others.  And to see the spell words and made up things "translated" in to Dutch??  Oh, don't even get me started.  The best part about seeing movies in the Netherlands though was the Intermission.  Yep.  Intermission at a movie.  And it doesn't even matter how long the movie is... half-way through there will always be an intermission.  *lovsit*  It actually made a ton of sense, and prevents you from all those annoying people who always want to climb out of your row in the middle of films to pee, or buy a drink, or make a phone call.  Much love for the pauze.  <3

And that was more or less it.  The next day we took one last stroll around Leeuwarden.  It was actually the nicest day of the week so far: blue skies, sunshine, moderate temperature, NO SNOW.

At 1.00, Friso drove us all to the train station, and Jena and I hopped on a southbound, while Eva and Sara headed east back to Gronignen, and we were gone.  Back to Eindhoven, where we began this whole big crazy Dutch week.  Both of us had had enough of hostels, so we splurged and got a hotel room in Eindhoven for the night, because we were catching another early flight back to London the following morning.
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photo by: metsbwd