Day 1: Leaving London

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Our trip began on Boxing Day (aka December 26th).  Jena and I left London and caught the last bus service out to the Airport at about 11.00pm (for FREE!!).  Our flight was at 6.45am the following morning, so we spent the night in the Departures/Arrivals lounge of Stanstead.  And what a strange experience that was.  Because so many discount airlines fly out of Stansted at the crack of dawn each morning, and because there's no transport services before 6.00am, the airport halls turn into this kind of squatter city overnight.  Everywhere you looked people were curled up and sleeping with their backpacks: on every chair, in every corner, snuggled under every counter, and in between doorways.
Our bedroom for the night.
  Hundreds and hundreds of them!

We carved out our own little abode under the Departure signs on a back pillar, and settled in for the coldest, most uncomfortable night ever... 

Luckily, the staff at Stansted has come to accept the fact that their airport is basically a homeless youth shelter every night, and are kind enough to come around at 4.30am and make sure everyone wakes up and checks-in to their flights in time.

Despite 4 fabulously-interrupted hours of sleep, a large hot chocolate, and a Starbucks, however, I was dead.on my.feet.  The moment I hit the seat in the plane, I completely zonked.  Which was nice, 'cause I completely missed the pain of take-off.  :)  The next thing I remember was waking up as we were descending into Eindhoven, and a fantastically gray, overcast, snowy day.  :]

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Our bedroom for the night.
Our bedroom for the night.
photo by: ulysses