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Good afternoon everyone!

I'm sitting here in the Inter Place hotel behind my make-shift desk taking a bit of a breather after my first venture out and about Bangkok.

But let me start at the beginning.

First of all, I had a decent flight and made it to the hotel without any problems. However, that I even made it onto my flight is a wonder itself. I may have set a new world record getting from the unaccompanied cargo center to my gate (1.5 km on foot, back and forth in less than an hour including the whole paperwork process). Unaccompanied cargo you may ask...lets just leave it at "there were complications" and keep going. Either way, I made it to my flight with just minutes to spare and was fortunate enough to sit next to a really nice man named Mark who was meeting up with friends to go rafting in Thailand. For his own sake I hope he finds the courage he needs because he was already rather stressed out about finding the right cigarette brand during his stay.

After 10 hours of sitting we had a smooth landing and I bolted out of the plane, eager to lose the numbness in my butt. Two steps out of the plane a rather excited Rachie calls me, overly stressed because she hadn't heard from me. i assured her that I was fine, but felt rather touched she worried about me so much. Although I'm pretty sure this was the result of over-consumption as her time was four AM.

I was also rather excited to see the BKK airport as I had heard so many things about it-- not worth all the hype in my opinion, just a regular airport. The employees do wear face masks which i presume is to protect themselves from the pig flu.

After some security checks (all the regular stuff) i got some cash and ventured off to find a taxi. This part was rather frightening for me as my dear friend Ali had an unfortunate experience while in Ecuador last year. My cab driver had a neon-pink ford with a sticker on the window claiming "Yes! I speak English" . Soon however, I found out this guy didn't speak more English than a Mongolian monk. He also didn't adhere to any of the already lacking traffic rules, and had a broken horn. the most frightening part would surely be when he decided to create his own lane on the road involving some sidewalk and running a red light. Oh, and should you not be aware of this, they drive on the left-hand side.

Once in my hotel I was warmly greeted, and found this guy Alex who is also from my school and will studying with me this semester. Turns out we even had the same flight! After checking in and showering, I called Remco who turns out was not in his new apartment yet, but rather three floors below me. This was rather good news for the both of us as he was desperate to meet up with someone other than Julien, and I had no idea what I was doing.

After playing some catch-up we were taken to some chicken hut where they serve, well, chicken. Rather delicious however. This was followed by some coffee to pump me up with caffeine before going on a little campus tour. This tour inevitably included me walking into a mens room by accident and being reprimanded in Thai by some guy who really didn't see the humor in my mistake...

The campus tour was followed by a trip to the Dixie which is pronounced "dick- xeee" and is pretty much the Thai veriation of walmart. I ended up with a bag of leechies (!!!!) and some other fruit Remco promised would be good. Consumption involves washing, cutting, and then squeezing into one's mouth.

I should mention that Bangkok is crazy. First of all the whole city is this smog-infested heap of craziness. There are no traffic rules for whatever vehicle you decide to use as your mode of transportation, and there are streetfood vendors everywhere. An easy form of travel involves jumping into the back of some coded truck and going until you decide to press the stop button, which guarantees a stop within four meters, and is followed by a payment of 5.5 baht (10 cents) no matter how far you travel.

As my sleeping pills didn't work in the plane I'm now back in the hotel room and will no-doubt venture back out into Bangkok later tonight. For now, this is what I have experienced. I'm not overly excited yet about my new living environment but things could be worse.

kisses for all.

Marthe84 says:
Hey Fiona!
Wat een gekkenhuis he ;)
Maak er wat moois van!
Kus van Marthe
Posted on: May 25, 2009
lisasmits says:
Hee lieve schat! Wat goed om te horen dat je goed bent aangekomen. Klinkt wel spannend allemaal! Nou meis, geniet ervan en slaap lekker! dikke kus lies!!
Posted on: May 23, 2009
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photo by: Chokk