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The past two months in Thailand have been unbelievably exciting. I can hardly believe it has really been two months! The first couple of weeks went by so slow because everything was new and exciting, and although adventurous feelings have most definitely not worn off, time seems to just fly by. Maybe two weeks of midterms contribute to this...

A little update on midterms at ABAC, this school is actually a little harder than I was previously led to believe. This may be however, because i have a couple of ridiculously complicated courses like International Macroeconomics and Financial Management, which consist of fourth-year students who major in those respective fields. Needless to say, those midterms didn't go so well. However, the others went relatively well, and I am confident I scraped enough points to keep me out of the danger zone.

Time for a little story. As you may know, I exercise by running on a semi-regular basis. Last week was one of those times, except that I went running in the middle of the afternoon (this seemed like a good idea at the time). I walked to the running track, only to find a soccer team finishing up their practice. When I arrived on the track, their practice was most definitely over. They all lined up beside the track, and just openly stared at me.

Trying to ignore them I did some less-revealing stretches and started my exercise... as the track is round I could inevitably not avoid going past the soccer players who were counting off the seconds until I did so. When I came by they waved, intensified their stares, and tried to stop and talk to me. I huffed out a "I'm sorry I'm running right now" between breaths, then tried to tell I guy I was not up for pictures, and kept going.

Next round, the darn men were still there! Now, some of them had miraculously retrieved cameras and started to film me running. I'm not kidding here, they were actually filming me as I ran by. You would almost think they had arrived from Mars of something- this is Bangkok, haven't they seen a cracker before?!

To make matters more interesting, i was approached by what appeared to be the team's water boy. Now I'm using the term water boy loosely here; This was a one-armed pixie guy dressed in full neon purple, and a necktie around is head. From what I could see he had two teeth. I refused to shake his left hand as I was still trying to run, and the next round I also refused to buy vitamins from him, but lets just say he kept trying and even followed me around a bit.

Ah yes, the excitement of going for a mid day run! As the Dutch would say; niet voor herhaling vatbaar.

Last Friday night my housemate and I went out to dinner with these guys "J" and "T". The one letter names are a complete coincidence, but rather expected as these guys come from D.C. and LA respectively. The purpose of this little get-together was to introduce us to this wonderful mexican restaurant downtown- Charlene and I were aching for some salsa and guacamole. The food was amazing! One appreciates the culinary deliciousness of mexican food so much more when it becomes only sparsely available!

Along with mexican food comes the obligatory margarita, and next thing you know the four of us are at Route66 on Royal Club Avenue ordering a bottle of vodka. Turns out they have a "foreigners" entrance fee during peak days. And yes, I'm a cracker so I'm foreign even if I reside in the city. Oh, and there are these poor girls who stand by the entrance the whole night dishing out antibacterial liquid for everyone that enters- part of preventative measures for H1N1. The music was great, the atmosphere was fantastic, and our beds were happily welcomed at five am after a great night out.

The following day was apparently another party night (although this one more obligatory) as one of the girls was leaving. Charlene and I (were quite old these days) begrudgingly got our acts together for another night of partying at our now favorite club- Route66! With a little bit of logistical coordination (as is always expected with a large group) we made it to RCA, and ordered our poisons...

This is when we came across Joran van der Sloot. If you're dutch this name says enough. If not, the name Nathalie Holloway might ring a bell. Either way, damn unexpected and creepy if you see this face at two in the morning. Investigations have been going for a while to determining Joran's role in smuggling Thai women to Holland. CREEPY, but our party night was fully enjoyed with a darn good DJ and a nice dancing atmosphere.

Last night Charlene and I booked out tickets to August's full-moon party on Koh Phangang. We are excited for this little adventure. Sunshine, a good party, the beach, and some good friends, should make this a nice little weekend.

For now however, its two weeks of school and some serious report writing. Well, maybe not too serious- I just got a call to have some drinks tonight with "T". Unfortunately, we were already invited to have drinks with Remco and Julien as well - however will we coordinate this?! ;)

Hope you're summer is as fun-filled as mine (without the schooling of course).

Ciao for now!

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photo by: Deats