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Good morning.

My mother will give me a speech on alcoholism when she reads this, but I feel its it important to be truthful to your audience when writing. So here its is; I went to an open bar last night, and this morning, I’m still drunk.

There are two reasons I am awake. One, people were supposed to come and make a third attempt at fixing my closet at ten-thirty (obviously they haven’t come yet and it is 11:45). Second, I have been suffering from amnesia so I can only sleep 3-5 hours a night (and yes I have tried sleeping pills, swimming at night, and various other remedies).

So here is what happened, for I can push off full responsibility and put the blame on other people as an explanation for my current situation. I mean, it’s never the drunkees fault right? Haha.

Last night I was invited by a group (ten, twelve or so) French people to join them at an open bar in the center. Basically, you pay twenty Euros, and you are granted the go-ahead to drink all the cocktails you want. I’m talking banana daquiris, long-island iced-teas, and various Thai-inspired cocktails. Then there was the moment when one of the guys decided we were going to drink an entire pitcher of acid shots consecutively. I think I had three in three minutes. At the time this was a good idea. I also remember one of the guys told me I HAD to order two drinks at a time. Naturally, with my dense-ness, I took this as official legislature because I remember a really bad combination of leeches daiquiri and some Thai spicy drink with pepper in it. Needless to say, I was pissed. But then I went home so I could wake up in time for these guys coming to fix my closet.

Unfortunately, I am still drunk after my four hours of sleep. My response rate is about 10 seconds, and my cell phone is really confusing me. No worrier however, I am already on my third glass of water, I ate a yoghurt, and took a multi-vitamin.

After I’m done writing this blog, I will go to campus to post it, and fight off the urge not to go Jackie Chan on the people’s asses for not upholding their appointment. I mentioned this is their third attempt right? Each time I have four creepy Thai guys hanging around my personal items as they think of some creative maneuver to fix the doors. For the problem is that the closet doors get stuck and don’t move, barring me from actually obtaining any clothing.

I’m in dire need of some food however. This is the conclusion I have come to (after staring at my wall for ten minutes just now). I’ll probably go to my chicken & rice place. They have really good well, chicken and rice. That’s all they sell. You get some sweet and sour sauce with it too however. Its simple, cheap, and across the campus (or 300 m from my apartment) so naturally I go about three times a week. There is this glass jar on each table with coins in it. I’m not sure what its for but I always put in five baht. There is some explanation for its purpose, but it is Thai. The people don’t speak English, so we have a very simple relationship. I point and smile, they serve, stare, and laugh. I’m afraid I have developed many of the mundane relationships.

On Thursday afternoon, the exchange students (me included) received an “orientation.” During this we had this speech on Thai culture, and we discussed some of the different habits we have noticed. It’s quite to see how everyone interprets different behaviors. Whereas I thought Thai people were afraid to approach me, I have been told that it is more of a trust issue. I’m foreign, so they don’t trust me. It takes a while for them to warm up to white people evidently.

Here are some other Thai habits you might now be aware of: first of all, they eat with a fork and a spoon, but use the fork like a knife. There is absolutely no explanation or logic, but it is so. It is a common misconception that Thai people eat with chopsticks. For any Thai person their head is the most valued part of the body because it is closest to heaven. There are different customs for greeting various people, or religious objects. One must always take off their shoes inside because feet are considered the dirtiest body part, as they are the furthest from heaven. Due to their religious influence, Thai people have a genuine interest in being the best person they can be (with exception to taxi drivers), and so you do not have to be afraid when walking alone late at night, or leaving possessions at the door when entering a building. Thai people also eat warm Thai food for breakfast, and love soccer players. Their sense of timing is Latin-based �" generally people come half an hour too late. But most importantly, the people are kind, helpful, and joy to be around. There is one exception, and this is that Thai men attain stalker attributes once you give them your number. The girls and I are working on this because we don’t understand the cultural difference and would like to comprehend their intentions.

I’m off to get some food now. Maybe that chicken and rice will get me out of my trance. Word to the wise, don’t go to an open bar.


erinelaine says:
"Second, I have been suffering from amnesia so I can only sleep 3-5 hours a night (and yes I have tried sleeping pills, swimming at night, and various other remedies)."

I think you mean insomnia... :P
Posted on: Jun 14, 2009
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