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Charlene and I with our hats, and pail of alcohol
The plan was; go to school, take a taxi directly to the airport, fly to Surat Thani, take a bus to the pier, take a boat to the island of Koh Phangang, and then take a truck to the hotel, dump my bag, take a truck to the beach, find the rest of the group. Not too hard right?

Surprisingly, the whole trip went rather smoothly; I made it to two of my classes, and then the airport with enough time to spare. My luggage arrived safely in Surat Thani, where I ended up meeting another Dutch girl. We easily found bus tickets, took the bus, made it to the boat, and got on without a problem. It was even the last boat of the day, so we were lucky.

We arrived at Koh Phangang at nine-fifteen.
Dancing up on the statue...
The full moon had been shining high and bright for about an hour, and the other girl and I were in a partying mood. We took a truck together, which first dropped me off at my hotel, and then exchanged numbers so we could meet up later.

At the hotel I found some employees (as usual I was completely astounded that they spoke English so fluently) and explained to them that I was part of a large party that left the key with someone so I could pick it up. I was told to go find Duncan at the bar, as they pointed towards this tiki-beach hut in the far corner of the property. Taking off my shoes before climbing up the stairs, I had no idea what to expect -- Certainly not the british guy behind the bar with long, blond hair dancing to terrible 80's music. Surprise surprise it was Duncan, completely confused as to why I was dressed so neatly (I was still in my uniform).
i still can't believe thats me underwater!
Only after a shot was I allowed to take the key... well alright...

I opened my room and found 14 people's luggage in a two-person room. Interesting. But hey,I was on a mission. I had just taken five different modes of transportation to get here, I just had to get to the beach! I changed and waited for my cab. Well, when it came it was full. These creepy western guys (old I may add) didn't mind though- I could sit on their lap. For some reason I complied, I think because it was my only option. And again, I was on a mission. It wasn't so bad though, the guys taught me the Thai word for sweet talk: paqwaan. (not that I've had many thai guys try to sweet talk me...)

We made it to the beach through these twisty, windy roads, going up and down hills. I said goodbye to the guys and found the group.
The girls underwater
They were all EXTREMELY happy to see me and I was informed I was about half a bottle of liquor behind everyone. This problem was easily solved however because they sell little sand pails of alcohol at full moon parties for like seven euros!

The energy at the full moon party was amazing. There were Dj's everywhere, people were body-painted, and there were mostly westerners (the most I had seen in months). There were decorations all over the place, glow lights, colorful tents, streamers, fire shows, and so much more. I know that there are a lot of drugs at this thing, and I was a little worried when I went, but while I was at the party I didn't even think about it, the whole thing had such a good energy!

We made it back to the hotel before the sun started to rise and somehow slept with four people in a two-person bed.
Coming back from the waterfalls.
The next morning all fourteen of us had a lovely breakfast nursing large bottles of water, while quietly reveling in our own worlds. We were in good shape however; none of us were really hungover, none had taken drugs and gone on a bad trip, we all made it back to the hotel in once piece, and no one made any decisions they regretted. I even ended up with a really cool hat!

Being slightly sleep-deprived, that Friday was spent next to the pool, laying on lounge chairs. The next day however, we went snorkeling!!! For me this was an extremely exciting day because I've been afraid of fish for years. One can probably count on one hand how often I've actually made it into the ocean, and its never a full body emersion like the one required while snorkeling. The water wasn't really clear because of the rainy season, but I was still able to see coral, and fishies! In the end they had to basically drag me back on to the boat. We went to visit waterfalls next. There, I jumped off of this cliff-thingy. Another amazing feat for the day. Saturday was a good day :) It makes you feel so powerful to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.

I also lost my cell phone that day. After just having it repaired, this was one of the most clumsy things I could have done- I don't know how it happened! Don't worry though because now comes another blunder: I lost my passport the following day! Not so much lost, as left in a safety-deposit box on the island. We spent that sunday lounging by the pool until five, when we took a boat to the mainland. I wasn't flying out until monday afternoon, so this gave me an opportunity to explore Surat Thani for half a day as well. However, without a passport one doesn't make it onto a flight...

After calling Duncan and explaining the situation, he just said "don't worry love, you just have fun in Surat Thani, I'll make sure your passport makes it to the information desk at the airport." Well, ok, guess I'll take you for it then. I should mention here that I didn't go back to get the passport myself because there was no time with the boat schedule...

So I said goodbye to the rest of the group (who were about to embark on a 16 hour bus ride) and booked a hotel in Surat Thani. The next morning I did my exploring in this Southern Thai city and was able to see the culture from a more refined point of view. It was lovely and also very interesting. Surat Thani made me think of an old cowboy western, in a spanish setting. I was the only white person i saw the entire day.

In the late afternoon I made my way to the airport, found the information desk, and just like Duncan promised, there was my passport. I have no idea how it made it there, but I was grateful either way. I had a safe flight home, found my housemate with some friends waiting for me when I got there, had a lovely meal, and embarked on another week of school. It was after all, just a quick weekend getaway. The only traces left were the hat acquired at the full moon party, and a slightly tanner me.

If you ever make it to Thailand, try to visit a full moon party. If you are fortunate enough to have the experience i had, you won't regret it. Take care...
pensacolapyro says:
I am jealous, someday I will make it at this time...lol
Posted on: Aug 23, 2009
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Charlene and I with our hats, and …
Charlene and I with our hats, and…
Dancing up on the statue...
Dancing up on the statue...
i still cant believe thats me und…
i still can't believe thats me un…
The girls underwater
The girls underwater
Coming back from the waterfalls.
Coming back from the waterfalls.
photo by: Deats