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Time to get some sun, I was heading to Malta, taking evening flight from Vienna. It did not take long and we were landing on this small island. Malta introduced euro recently, so no need to change money, I jumped on the first bus down town. Arrived already in the dark, I was bit lost and have no clue how to get to my hotel from Valetta. Luckily, they all speak English on the island, so after few minutes, I was sitting in another local bus heading to Sliema. Buses in Malta works very well, they are cheap, frequent and goes everywhere. The only problem is that they were all built in 50's-60's, with no air-conditioning in temperatures above 30 it's not too comfortable.
Somehow I managed to find my hotel, it was close to bus stop but not so easy to find out in the labyrinth of narrow streets.
First surprise - I paid for hotel something like 25 euro and it looked absolutely amazing. The lobby was impressive. The building was very old with large rooms and tall ceilings.
Next day, I went for some walking tour, first in Sliema and then Valetta. The town looks amazing. It is must see for all history lovers. It looks like time has stopped here, huge palaces everywhere, beautiful architecture, everything built from limestone. Later in the afternoon, I am heading to Mdina, another beautiful historical city, still surrounded by city walls with fantastic views. I feel like I came back in time 500 years.
Next morning I am boarding a boat which takes me to small island of Comino and the place called Blue Lagoon.
The weather looks like it's gonna rain, but at the time we arrive there, it's beautiful and sunny. The colour of the water is azure blue (hence the name). It is completely crowded with people with only small stretch of sand on the shore and cliffs surrounding it, it's hard to find some place.
The day at the beach was relaxing and in the evening we're heading back to Sliema, where I enjoy excellent dinner at the restaurant with beautiful views of Valetta. The dinner comes with bottle of wine for free! It tasted excellent with the roasted rabbit.
My final day at Malta I reserved for the island of Gozo. I took an organized tour, but I could do it just fine with local buses. The info from the tour agency said the minibus takes us all the way from main island to Gozo, but we ended up paying for ferry ourselves and switching to another minibus at arrival to Gozo. It was quite stressful and chaotic - not what I was expecting. Crowded in small minibus and with heavy rain, I was regretting this trip, but then suddenly we got sun back and everything was beautiful again :)
There is a huge cathedral in almost every city on the Malta. These people did not have enough food, but they did built some of the most beautiful buildings!
My final impression - Malta is one of most preserved historical places I ever seen. Not too hot, with some beaches if you need to relax, beautiful place to visit, affordable, easy going. Very romantic, would be excellent place for honey moon :)
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