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Please send some goats to fix my roof
My original plan was to visit Iceland, but I wasn't able to find 2 weeks to do so, so I instead decided for shorter trip to Faroe Islands. And I am not disappointed after all!
I took plane from Bergen to Stavanger and then with Atlantic Airways - the only Faroese airlines - to Torshavn. There were no clouds around the island, but the whole island was covered with clouds and fog. I read somewhere that this is quite normal during the summer and flights must sometimes land on Iceland and come back later... Somehow they managed to land, so no free trip to Iceland for me :(
The bus from airport took about 50 minutes. The airport is located at the Vagar island connected by undersea tunnel with Streymoy island.
From the bus I could see beautiful rocky islands Koltur and Hestur. The nature reminded me bit of Norway with one exception - there are almost no trees on Faroe Islands.
The capital Torshavn is also called the smallest capital in the world (technically it is still not capital, since Faroe Islands are still Danish). The town center is very small but cute with grass roof wooden houses. My hostel was quite far from centrum above the town, but there were frequent buses and in Torshavn they are for free! There is one glitch though, they don't drive on weekends.
The hostel was simple - it is a dorm during school months, but it had small restaurant and beer for 20 kr, so I was satisfied :)
The forecast for next day was very good so i decided to walk on the highest mountain on the islands, Slaettaratindur (882 m).
Faroese navy
People at tourist information office had no idea from where the trail starts, so I just took bus to closest village called Gjogv. I tried to ask driver about it, it was quite difficult because he did not speak English, but with some Norwegian words we managed to understand. So he dropped me on the highest point on the road from where it's just straight walk on the grass up to the top. The walk was quite easy and views were amazing.
The top of the mountain was in the clouds and it looked like a table mountain.
From the mountain I walked to another village called Eidi from where I wanted to take a bus back. Buses are not very frequent and there are no timetables at stops, but I was lucky because some local lady offered me a ride.
I was quite in a hurry because I wanted to catch a boat trip for cliffs and bird watching.
Desperate for new coat
The trip starts from another island from village called Vestmanna. I managed to come in time and the trip was great. There are many caves in the cliffs and our small boat managed to go inside some of them.
After the boat trip it was quite late, about half past 9 PM, and I had again no idea if there is any bus or not. And again, some local people just stopped by and asked me if I need a ride! My lucky day :)
The day after was very rainy, so most of the time I spent sleeping and in the evening I took a walk downtown for some pictures. Next day early morning I took a plane back to Stavanger.
The trip was short, but I had great weather for 2 days, so I was satisfied. It rains about 250 days per year on the islands, so I was still lucky. One week would be much better, the islands are great for hiking so maybe I will come back some other time.
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Please send some goats to fix my r…
Please send some goats to fix my …
Faroese navy
Faroese navy
Desperate for new coat
Desperate for new coat
photo by: davidx