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the leftovers from Ramon's visit, hahaha
Another hard day started, hahaha. As usual we had breakfast and the next step was going to the beach, but before leaving I asked the girl in the front desk if there was availability for Elena and she told me there was no problem. Great! They would be our neighbors. :) It was 9 something and I didn't want to bother them calling, so I'd do that later. We grabbed our stuff, including the Spanish book for the lessons and headed to the beach.

The beach was even less crowded than the day before, but even though we walked to the spot where we were yesterday. Once we were there, while I was almost grilling myself Craig was taking notes and my mission was to translate the words later, hahaha. So, I decided to go for a short walk after I finished my book... When I was back, there was homework for me.
he wasn't afraid to taste anything. Here squid...
I sent Elena a SMS letting her know that they could move to the bungalows where we were staying. And so they'd do. Usually we had lunch right after the beach, but this time we'd go first to the hotel and meet Elena and Paul. Then the 4 of us would have lunch together, hehehe.

Elena got the room below ours, hahaha. So, we owed the building, hahaha. I took a quick shower and was ready to leave. Paul hasn't ever tried the cebiche, but didn't feel adventurous enough to do it... Anyway, Craig & me got cebiche, Elena got a chicharron (fried fish & seafood) and Paul just the grilled fish with rice and potatoes. We were sharing some beers and laughing. It was so good having Elena there and hang out with another girl, hehehe.

Paul had to check his email and worked. Elena wanted to go back to the pool of the hotel.
really quiet
And we? Well, we had to buy some water and fruit, so we splitted and agreed to meet for dinner later that night. We were walking around the town. I had to buy something to bring back home... Anyway, Craig and Elena were trying to convince me to stay in Mancora longer (until the weekend), but I checked my email and had to do some work stuff in Lima, plus family was giving me a hard time... The best I could get, was staying there until Wednesday... Ok, better not thinking about that. At 8pm I called Elena and asked her where they were. They were having some piscos at the Mexican Place, so we joined them. I gave her the news that I would stay just until Wed and she was a bit sad about that, but c' la vie.
having some sushi

After our piscos, we decided to go for lunch. What could we try this time? What about sushi? Yes, it sounds crazy having sushi in a beach town in Peru, but we did it, hehehe. It was a small place but looked really nice. The most difficult thing would be making a decision about what to order, hahaha. Well, sushi is expensive all over the world, but it was good though. Craig & me weren't in the mood for drinking, so after a drink and the delicious meal, we decided to go back to the hotel. We even left a movie downloading, hehehe.

Most of the bars were closed on Monday night, but Paul and Elena would make their best to find one, hahaha. Ok neighbors, see you tomorrow :)
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the leftovers from Ramons visit, …
the leftovers from Ramon's visit,…
he wasnt afraid to taste anything…
he wasn't afraid to taste anythin…
really quiet
really quiet
having some sushi
having some sushi
OMG! It looks like Im frying...
OMG! It looks like I'm frying...
Beach girls: Elena & Yadi
Beach girls: Elena & Yadi
Pisco time
Pisco time
the winner combination: rolls, sus…
the winner combination: rolls, su…
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