just a bit more and I'll arrive to Mancora...

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hurry up, hurry up... please!!!
The trip from Piura to Mancora is not that short, of course is much shorter than the one from Lima, but maybe because I was so excited about the beach it seemed to last for ever... I was like a little girl, asking how long it takes until I finally arrive to my destination :P

One of the people I asked about it was a nice girl who was sit in front of me. She seemed to be a bit sad... so I tried to cheer her up and next thing she ended telling me her love story, which was more like a tragedy... What could I do? Nothing besides listening. Me and my big mouth!!! Nevermind, I don't regret about asking her how she was doing. She seemed to be alone and needed someone to talk and sometimes it's easier to talk to a strange who won't judge us.
my luggage... looks tiny but the backpack was heavy...
.. so after listening the tragedy - which could be an interesting plot for a soap opera - we changed the subject and she started to talk about Mancora and what I could do there. She recommended some mud baths which were also cheap. Well, I'd meet friends so it wouldn't be just up to me what we'd do...

Once we were in Talara, I could see the sea, yay!!! We were getting closer to my destination, yay!!! Just had to go down the mountains a bit more and we'd finally arrive to Mancora. We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 am, but it was already 9:15am and we still have to keep on driving for a little while before arriving to Mancora... Ok, it wouldn't take long until we arrive there. I'd see if somebody was there for me or not... if nobody is there, mmm.
yadilitta says:
but if you see carefully you'll see my reflection on the ipod, hehehe
Posted on: May 23, 2009
Lord_Mike says:
Still no proof that you went...just somebody's fingers on an IPod....ahahahahhahaha!
Posted on: May 23, 2009
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hurry up, hurry up... please!!!
hurry up, hurry up... please!!!
my luggage... looks tiny but the b…
my luggage... looks tiny but the …
in the way to Mancora...
in the way to Mancora...
photo by: luludelaportilla