Namche Bazaar on the way to Khumjung and Thame

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Woke up with a slight hangover around 5am and saw that it had started to snow here in Namche as well. Was in bed till 7:30 till my guide came to wake me up. We  started discussing the plan for the day looking at the snow pouring down decided to stay in the lodge for some more time and later see if can go to Thame which is a beautiful village  tucked in the mountains with an amazing monastery. On the way we had also planned to visit Khumjung where they have the (supposed) skull of the Yeti.

During breakfast we saw one trekker, we had met last night and who was on the way back to Lukla, coming back to the lodge stating that the path down was full of snow and was very slippery.

He decided to wait for some time for the snow/rain to stop and the sun to come out, after which he will try again to walk down. Finally the sun was out around 11am and the snow started to melt and we bid him goodbye and good luck.

By this time it was late to start towards Thame, so we decided to have lunch and visit Khumjung. Started walking around 12noon and realized that the rains have made the soill quite muddy and slippery. We started climbing this muddy hill and after some 30 min it started getting windy and bought the clouds with them. We tried to increase our pace to walk up the mountains quickly and here I slipped again in the slippery mud, and kept sliding down for some time till I hit a rock. Pain surged through my legs as soon as they hit the rock but I was thankful that they stopped me from sliding all the way down. Once again my guide came running down, and helped me up, checked for any major injuries and found luckily all the bones were intact and got away only with a couple of bruises. All my clothes were covered in mud and so we had to drop the idea to continue towards Khumjung. The weather had changed again and it started to rain with some very strong winds.

We turned back towards Namche and my guide told me that some Tibetans had crossed over the Renjo Pass and bought some Chinese goods to sell in Namche.

Decided to check it out and went to these very small rooms with stuff scattered all over the place. It seems these Tibetans go through lots of hardship to cross over from Tibet to Nepal, mostly illegally, sometimes bribing the border officials to come and sell these goods in Nepal. The plight of these Tibetans was really bad as they looked tired, dirty, exhausted and eager to sell off their goods and earn some money before returning back. It an extremely tough life for them, going though all the hardship, pain and the risk just to survive. I bought 2 pair of socks at one place and a nice down jacket at good prices.

Back to the lodge and I cleaned myself up, changed clothes and started to get my bag in place packing everything as nothing much to do the whole day today, the weather is bad the whole day with frequent spell of rains. Had some snacks in the evening and decided to shave as my beard had grown uncomfortably long. After shave was felling much better and made another trip to the market place and bought a couple of walking pants for future treks.

It has been like this during the whole trek. Get up from bed, finish the morning chores, eat and start walking, stop, drink, walk, stop and eat, walk and stop to rest and trying to sleep. Day starting around 5:30am and back to bed around 8pm.

Tomorrows plan, if the weather is clear then will go to Thame which is around 4-5 hours walk from Namche, may be spend the night tyhere and then back to Namche and then return to Lukla for the flight to Kathmandu. I had to drop my plans to go to Gokyo as it seems there was heavy snow in that area with some 1 feet of snow at some places. Some of the trekkers who came back that way informed that the path had become extremely difficult to walk and was slippery and not suitable for going up. As I did not have much days left and money was also running out, finally decided that will come back next time to climb Gokyo and may be Cho La pass.
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