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The weather in the morning was clear and the flights started coming in. My flight was in the 2nd  round and the flight number was 3.

Here each of the airlines has some 2-3 planes which they keep flying continuously between Kathmandu and Lukla till all the tourists are cleared. Sometimes when the weather is bad, the planes do not fly and then there is a huge backlog of tourists struck in Lukla. In that case when the weather becomes clear, there are around 30-40 trips made by these flights in a single day to clear all the backlog of tourists.

I was flying via Yeti airlines which has 3 planes all 20-22 seaters twin turbo engines small places. My turn came and we boarded the flight and took off towards Kathmandu.

Slight frost bite
Everyone was looking outside their windows, still excited and a bit sad to go back.

My day in the mountains came to an end today as we were flying towards Kathmandu where we reached after some 30 min of flying. As soon as we came out of the aircraft, the first thing everyone did was take off their jackets as it was feeling really hot here. Soon we collected our luggage and boarded a taxi to Thamel where the craziness started. Felts lots and lots of people were around, shouting, vehicles honking, noise and pollution everywhere. It was maddening and the contrast was simply overwhelming to handle and I started to get a headache. We reached my friend Panchalal’s travel office, collected my belongings and headed for my hotel room, checked in and immediately fell asleep. Woke up after 2 hours and proceeded to the bathroom to clean up where another mishap was waiting to happen.

As soon as I turned the hot water knob for the shower, the whole freaking thing just burst out. There I was holding the knob in my hand and hot boiling water gushing out drenching and burning my hands. Tried to fit the knob back but to no avail so finally stuffed some cloth in the pipe to slow the flow. But by that time both my hands had been burned and were paining. Ran down to the hotel owner and informed him of this accident. He and his helper came to the room with some tools and fixed the nozzle and the knob. By this time my hands had started to hurt and I put on some ointment over it. The hotel owner started apologizing again and again and offered to take me to a doctor. I checked my hands and realized it was no big deal as they would be fine by evening so declined to go to the doctor and continued with my washing.

After a long hot shower and fresh set of clothes, went back to the travel office and my friend Panchalal was glad to see me back safe and sound. We exchanged stories from the trek and soon I realized was damn hungry. So took my guide with me for lunch to an Indian restaurant and we simply gorged on the food that was tasting delicious after eating Dal-Bhat and potatoes for so many days in the mountains. After filling our stomachs took a stroll around Thamel, exchanged books and back to the travel office. Finally the day ended and I went back to my hotel to get some more sleep. I had one more day to spend in Kathmandu so decided that next day will stay with Pancha in his office and evening will go to his home for dinner.
Stevie_Wes says:
LOL, the shower ancedote's hilarious...although not funny for ya at the time of course! :) i can relate to the dietary relief of having something other than Dal-baht after several weeks in the mountains :) Buff Mo-mos and thick chicken thukpa were my personal saviours.
Posted on: May 28, 2009
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Slight frost bite
Slight frost bite