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Today is an auspicious day, the birthday of Lord Buddha and I woke up feeling much better and was at the breakfast table at 6am with everything packed and ready. We were only carrying our day pack and the rest of the luggage would leave at Lobuche lodge. Around 6:30am started walking towards Gorakshep, first over some flat land and then over stones and rocks and glaciers. All the way the view of the huge glaciers was on the right. At Gorakshep had quick tea as the weather was clear and started climing Kala Pattar around 10am.

It’s a tough steep climb with the legs paining after each step, lungs screaming for oxygen but I kept climbing, stopping to look at Everest and all the other surrounding mountains. Kept walking up up up till we started to see the base camp with all the colorful tents scattered near the tip of the Khumbu icefall. Took couple of photos and videos of the clear Everest peak, Nuptse, Lotse and surrounding mountains all covered in snow. Had heard from some guides that some days back there was an avalanche above the base came and some 4 trekkers including sherpas were caught in the middle at base camp 3. Three of them were rescued but one Sherpa succumbed and his body was also not found. When we look at the glacier from Kala Pattar one can imagine what the condition might be like for the climbers.

Took more pictures and when we reached ¾ of the climb to the top, realized it was much much tougher from there onwards as it was extremely steep climb over rocks to reach the top. Clouds had started to gather around and the wind also started blowing strong.

We decided that we will walk back down now as it was getting freezing cold. Moreover were tired to go any further so we came down fast to Gorakshep around 12:30pm and by that time my camera battery had also died down. Quick lunch at Gorakshep and it started snowing so we decided to walk slowly towards the base camp and see if we can reach it and have enough stamina to come back. We started walking with the snow pouring now and slowly we were walking on the glacier. The path here is all stones to walk on, there was no land at all with glaciers below the stones. If someone strays away there was a chance of them dropping into the glacier/ice pool or crevice and then you can kiss your rear goodbye. We followed the yak shit to be safe and after 1 hr of walk decided that the conditions were not very good to continue any further. We could see the tents in the base camp clearly by now but the weather was getting worse with snow coming down heavily. After quickly assessing the situation we decided to turn back as would get extremely difficult to come back later to Gorakshep if the weather continued like this.

By the time we reach Gorakshep the snow had eased a bit and after some refreshing tea we decided to return back to Lobuche the same evening as that would help our next day trek to cross the Cho La pass. Even though was tired like hell, legs shaking, mind becoming numb we slowly started our trek back to Lobuche around 2:30pm, bit scared, bit excited that we got the best view of Everest earlier in the morning. Felt that going back was not that tough as climbing up so we were able to reach Lobuche in 1hr 40 min. By this time the snow had stopped but it was still damn windy, but looking back saw it was raining/snowing heavily towards Gorakshep and on the Everest. Man was I glad to return back as we could not see any of the mountains, heavily covered in clouds. After reaching Lobuche we had to wait for the rooms to get vacant as there were quite some trekkers waiting for the next day to go towards Gorakshep. Meantime realized my guide was having some health problems and his situation seemed to be getting bad. Gave him some fruits and asked him to drink lots of water and some tips on how I was feeling the same the previous day.

He refused to take Diamox, said some good food and rest and he would be healthy by tomorrow.

There was a group of tourists hurrying down to Thukla/Pheriche as 2 of their members were down badly with AMS. There was another girl who was also in a bad condition, but she was waiting for 2 days in the lodge to get better, but no luck. Finally people made her realize that the only way to get better is to climb down to a lower altitude and she left with her guide/porter to climb down to Thukla around 6:30pm. It was still snowing and I hope these guys would make it safely back down. I saw at least 6-7 guys down with AMS in Lobuche itself where you can see the roaring beauty of nature, errily silent, scary all around, but still can feel the depth of natures amazing beauty which is to be respected and adored.

Went to bed arund 8:00pm and got some sleep till 9pm, but then again no sleep, was awake the whole night but something felt good, a sense of accomplishment inside me. I guess it came from seeing the mighty tall Mt Everest up close and personal.
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