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We woke up around 9am as we were demolished! This time was much easier to get to the subway, as we already knew how to get there and how to move around. On our way to the stop we went in a Holliday Inn to book a taxi for next day at 5am as our flight was at 7.25am. That is your best bet, as the metro opens up at 5am and you don´t easily find taxi drivers who speak English.

Once we got to the Red Square we bought some souvenirs. Be careful with prices, they rip you off easily! I bought some patches and the price ranged from 80 RUB to 500RUB. Before you parchase anything you like, check prices around! Next stop was the Kremlin! We read all about it and we were quite excited to go in. If you go around the walls you will find the ticket´s office. We did not have too much time so we got the cheapest ticket which was 200RUB for the exhibition center.

They don´t let you go in with backpacks so ask where the locker is and leave all your staff there! If you have lots of staff they will charge you 60 RUB. I left all my staff except my Canon 5D Mark II and as we were going through the metal detector they told me I could not enter my a professional camera. I could not believe it!!! I could not take photos inside, well, just with my girlfriend´s camera, which is a compact Panasonic. Well, anyhow, although very dissapointed, we went in to see what was all this Kremlin all about!

The Kremlin is the oldest historical center of the city surrounded by walls all along its 2.250 metres perimeter. There are two main entrances, a small one and another one with 5-6 access points. Kremlin is where the president lives and where all the governamental offices are located.
There is a huge security line you have to go through.

The most interesting point is the Annunciation Cathedral built in the XV Century, and next to it you find the Tsar Cannon which was built at the end of the 16th century made of a 40-ton piece of bronze and considered to be the biggest in the world. The funny thing is that it never worked as the bullets were just too heavy! Some metres away you find the Tsar Bell, also the biggest in the world, and the Arsenal, which cost you around 700 RUB to go in. You cannot take any photos inside so we didn´t go in ☺ Ivan The Great Bell Tower is 81 metres high, which is considered a XVI Century wonder! The Grand Kremlin Palace holds most governamental events but it is not opened to the general public.

As we walked around I started seeing many people with reflex cameras, I even saw a guy with a Canon 70-200 IS L lense, which is one of the best lenses you can parchase today! Then I wondered why I was not able to enter with my camera!!! Then we started thinking how we could exit the Kremlin, grab the camera, and go back in… Mmmmmm we went to the locker room, I left my jacket, grabbed my camera and gave it to my girlfriend. I told her to hung it around her neck in a very unprofessional way and try to get in….. it worked!!!! They didnt say anything to her, so as soon as she got in, I followed her! I went totally crazy taking photos!!!!

For lunch we went to Yolki-Palki! And as I mentioned before, don´t expect to find clear directions… everything is in Russian!!! I am attaching a review.
It is very recommendable if you want to taste typical food, although service was quite rood. I don´t think they like tourists very much! After lunch we just walked around the city. We spent 2-3 hours around the Red Square again… it is breathtaking, so if you are planning to come to Moscow, reserve a whole day for the Red Square and the Kremlin!. We waited until 9.30pm to see the whole square lighted up!!! Amazing! We ended up having dinner in a Japanese right next to the Red Square.

This time the way back to our Bed&Breakfast was much much easier!!! Now that we know how to move around we have to leave! ☹

Moscow is a fascinating city although I wished I read some insights about it before getting there. It is difficult to move around and to communicate with locals. The only easy way to move around is using the subway, although there are no clear signs in our language.  I read some posts saying it was not a very secure city, but I believe it is totally the opposite. . It is a very safe city, we never felt unsecure, and very clean, by the way. And eventhough we did not like the service we got by Starlight Bed&Breakfast, I believe it is a good choice. I am attaching a review…

ted332 says:
nice,nice,nice pics!!! :)
Posted on: May 19, 2009
Vikram says:
Nice trick btw , of getting your camera in. It always works with women than men. That's the hardest part of travelling for me - I travel alone!
Posted on: May 19, 2009
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photo by: eefab