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So my flight took me frist to Toulouse for a one hour layover then, headed for Lyon which was my original destination. My friend and I finally arrived in Lyon and made our way to the city via the bus (very cheap ticket). once at the city centre we tried to figure out how to arrive to our destination, which was a university residence in Villeurbanne;

we ended up in travelling in the opposite direction of our residence and spent a good 3hours figuring how to get to where we needed go; it was a rather eventful first few hours in Lyon; but thankfully exactly when we found the dormitory and were checking ourselves in it started to rain!! so i think we were rather lucky on that part ;)

It was about 5pm when we were checking in and we met a couple of the participants and the organisers too (Lila, Antoine, Jacobo, Dimitrios just to mention a few).

After settling in and all, we had a meeting point at 8pm, so that we could go eat. From this point I realised that not all the participants had the concept of time figured out because from 8pm many of them decided to join us at 9pm; but it was all good because I socialised with other people together with the original people that I met.

That night we ended up going to a bar; Shamrock; very good place to sit and drink, unfortunately their airconditioning wasn't working and well it was sweltering hot inside even though they had a fan; we listened to some live music and it was on the whole a good night; especially the drinking part of it all :)

The next day we went to a bakery for breakfast and the bakers showed us how they make traditional french bread and pane du chocolat and so on; it was very interesting but rather tiring after a long night :) - WE ALSO ate breakfast there.

What i don't get about the french is that their last metro/tram is at 11.45pm !??!?!?!?!?! I mean seriously I think it is so stupid; why have one at all if it ends so early!!! the other options were taxi's, bike rides or walking. and considering where we were living (which was a good 30minutes away by tram) it would have cost a tad bit of money and would be tiring to walk.

As a place I think Lyon is not as welcoming as Toulouse, maybe it it because of the people that live there or maybe because of the weather; Lyon's weather is quite unpredictable. Yet the buildings and the serenary from certain points are impeccable and I think it is a must visit destination at least for one day !:)!
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photo by: spocklogic