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haha i only took one picture :) on the bus .

ok so after having to spend the rest of the night locked out of our room we  finally got in to it when the staff arrived to work, I couldn't get in to my rucksack tho as i lost the keys with my bag at the full moon party, we were contemplating cutting it open with a knife but once we got in to the town a friendly man said he would beable to cut it open with a bolt cutter phew! I could keep my new Nike rucksack after all, Emma and caitlin waited for us while we went to the police station to report it stolen.

whilst waiting in the heat of midday for our boat a fight broke out a thai man and an american man were fighting, punching, kicking nearly killing eachother they were knocking over stalls and in to people and the american guy was bleeding from his lip, finally two other traveller guys who were over 6ft steped in and then everything calmed down... there were numerous stories circling around the dock about why they were fighting but in the end we never did find out the exact truth.

when we got on the boat it was packed so all four of us went in to the VIP area where there were lots of seats, it was 40bht to stay in their but so worth it, air con and a tv and ...space! There were 4 seats right at the front of the VIP area that had the most space of all of them so we settled down in them, just as I was wondering why they hadn't been taken already I looked over at the seats near to charleigh, 2 men one was a police officer and the other was a prisoner in handcuffs... yikes!!!!!!!

We couldn't stop staring at them after that wondering what he had done, he only looked about 18 with spikey hair, he looked so innocent perhaps thats why we hadn't noticed them at first, we came to a cxonclusion that he'd probably got in to some sort of trouble at the full moon party maybe drugs or stealing !!!

7.30pm = we were on our bus to bangkok ....10 AND A HALF HOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so uncomfortable.

dreamflyer says:
what an adventure.
Posted on: Jun 10, 2009
sincere1906 says:
an American fighting in Thailand. ahhh. gotta love my countrymen. we can start a brawl anywhere. lol
Posted on: Jun 10, 2009
manoela28 says:
Im glad you got in to your bag in the end, lol at the police officer and prisoner situation I would have moved
Posted on: Jun 10, 2009
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haha i only took one picture :) on…
haha i only took one picture :) o…
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