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We reached Bangkok and took a taxi to our hotel, roof view place a friend of charleigh's had recommended it I was pleasantly suprised with this hotel as it was down a rough looking, dingy street but from the front of it you could tell that it was alot nicer than the street it was put on, we ate breakfast here and then sent our luggage up to our rooms in its own little luggage lift... haha excellent, after freshening up we headed out to the grand palace but for some reason we weren't allowed in I think maybe because we were wearing shorts ... it was pretty hard to get any information out of anyone plus their were these soldior looking guys standing around their with there great big guns, it reminded me somewhat of buckingham palace with a slight difference which was a sense of humour these gaurds could laugh as I found out when I tripped backwards over a peice of uneven Pavement.

After about half hour we decided against the palace and our vote was to check out the 'Wat Arun' temple instead.

wat arun - 'the temple of dawn' located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River, 50bht to go in to we looked around it was very beautiful and once we had climbed the tall, steep staircase it was like a maze at the top, peaceful, the golds, greens and blues shone brightly in the sunlight.

3bht to cross the river and back to our little tuk tuk truck to roof view place, this is where we said goodbye to emma and caitlin :( our new american travel friends had to catch a flight to china . Charleigh and I then slept for 7 hours we must have been tired, but we awoke refreshed and headed back out to the night market which was absolutly fabulous, I wanted everything :) lol and vowed that I would need to take a trip to just bangkok with an empty suitcase and lots of money for shopping some day, hehe.

We really did hav a great time here, very enjoyable their was everything from thai silk to tools.

Shoes, ornaments,jewlery,clothes, paintings, We rested at a huge open air food hall where we ordered fruity drinks and french fries and even better they were playin the highlights from all the football games on a big screen.

after the night market we headed back to roof view place in a tuk tuk and slept through till 9am.

cja17 says:
That's a bit spooky - I had Roof View Place recommended to me in the pub yesterday by some friends who were in Bangkok in the summer!! Am going Island hopping in the South in a few weeks so will check out your Phi Phi entries as well.

Cheers Cheryl!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2009
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