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Hi All!

Well i'm kind of loosing my mind here.  I am stuck here with a priest in his 60s (i think) who is driving me nuts.  I'm not sure how on earth i'm supposed to surive here another 2 weeks!  Last night to get away from the priest i went out clubbing with one of his nieces.  This was actualy a pretty fun time minus one of the girls getting her phone stolen in Nai Robbery...Hence the title of this entry. Well clubbing was fun and i slept over at the nieces this morning.  And the priest came to pick me up at 11 and since then has been dragging me on stupid errands.  Yeah me with 4 hours of sleep dirty clothing and errands.  This does not add up for a good combo.  So i'm pretty sure that i'm going to have to leave before i kill someone or say something completely inapproriate. 

Now the question is where to go???  I've been working on planning a side trip to Uganda and hopefully everything about that will pan out tommorow.  Man if there is a god i pray that he/she/it helps me to get the hell out of here!

On a positive note I cant wait for Clay to get here because i've been working on planning our time here and it looks like it will rock!  I cant wait to go clubbing in Mombasa!  Yay it will be super entertainting. 

Another note about Kenyan clubs.  They are quite different than Ethiopian clubs.  Here (kenya) they play a lot more hip hop, specifically American hip hop.  This varies from Ethiopian clubs that like a mix of reggae, ethiopian music, and a mixture of american top hits.  I think I like the music here in kenya better but like the clubs in Ethiopia better because Ethiopian dance is way cooler. 

Well thats all for now everyone.  I hope everything is going well at home:)

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photo by: easyjobrob