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Well I promised I would finish my story about our evil tent so here goes.  We let our guide Bella know about the problem and she said she would have some people fix the tent.  Which they did.  They re-threaded the zipper on from the outside where it seemed to work better.  While this was better the tent still wasn't functioning perfectly.  It was still finicky and you had to close it slowly.  Well this was fine since heck it was working right.  Well it was right for a while....until Heather went to zip us up around the end of the second night and made the same mistake i did...pulling the zipper too far and pulling it off the tracks.  This I must say was karma for her picking on my so much for messing up the night before.  At this point we burst out in nervous laughter and I cried out for Bella to come help us.  Bella quickly ran over to us and asked us what on earth was possibly wrong.  And we showed her the zipper and she kind of cringed.  So Bella popped in our tent and begin trying to re-thread the stupid zipper.... At this point i was kicked out of the tent for being a nuisance... me a nuisance never!  Bella and Heather proceeded to fix the tent after 20 or so minutes and thankfully we didn't break it again that night. 

So on to the other things we did....
We went on a safari in the Murchison Falls park and it was quite good.  It was not on par with Kenya and Tanzania but we knew this going in.  The park has a decent amount of animals including elephants, giraffes, tree climbing lions, and many gazelle and similar animals.  We were able to view these animals  pretty easily but did not spot any lions or leopards.  The afternoon after the game drive we went on a boat on the Albert Nile and viewed animals from the water.  This was a really great experience and i highly recommend it to other.  We were able to see water buffalo, water bucks, and elephants coming down from the prairie to drink water in the river.  Plus all of the awesome animals that already hang out by the water including the hippos, crocks and many different birds.  We also got to go over to Murchison Falls and view it from the bottom up.  This was a great view and I really liked being able to see the falls from all of the different angles.

The following day we went chimp trekking in the park as well.  This was an amazing experience because we got to be in the jungle in the morning and experience all of the sights and sounds of the jungle.  While I have been to the jungle in South America before the jungle here was much more impressive.  While we ended up not seeing any chimps, only hearing them from a long distance, I still had a great time because I was able to take in the amazing scenery.  Also if anyone is contemplating staying at the lodge associated with the chimp trekking all i can say is the place looked great.  I was able to shower after trekking and their facilities were amazing!  Man i wish i could have spent the night there. 

After this great safari my next adventure was white water rafting in Jinja....
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Murchison Falls National Park
photo by: Africancrab