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Well Ethiopia has rather unreliable internet so I wasen't able to write again until now.  I ended up having a blast in Gonder and even going out to a night club.  It was actually a super cool experience.  I also got to travel to lake tana and see the monastaries on the lake.  These were also cool and i cant wait to share some of the neat photos.

Okay so then i left ethiopia via the capital, Addis.  This last visit to Addis was crazy!  I ended up going bar hopping there!  And man alive the last bar was crazy.  The guide warned me that there would be prostitutes but i didnt think that half of the people in the bar would be prostitutes....It was quite crazy!  The girls thought i was very interesting....having a white girl show up at their bar.  So i received quite a bit of attention... A bit too much for my liking...  God i wish i had more time to write the full story out but in short the prostitutes came and harassed me because i did not look happy enough...?  Now here's the part I wasen't going to add in before but hell i might as well tell the whole story.  So a group of about 5 prostitutes came over and started looking me up and down.  I was wearing jeans a tank top and a button up shirt on top of it.  One of them, the leader of their pack came up to me an copped a feel of my boob.  Awkward!  The look on my face was definetly confused and slightly pissed off.  She then proceeded to take my hand palm down and scratch my palm with her middle finger.  I really was hoping this didn't mean what I thought it did.  But it did.  (If you dont know what this means just take a guess).  Yeah all i can say is awkward!!!  Seriously why did they think i wanted a prostitute.  I was with a guide for gods sake.  Seriously wouldnt that make them atleast think i was straight?  Well yeah i guess not.  So they proceeded to try to talk to me, looking me up and down and yelling at me in amharic.  So eventually i got my guide to talk to them and he said that they thought i didnt look happy enough.  Seriously!?  Who looks happy when they have whores looking them up and down?  As a whole though it was a very educational experience.  Oh and i ended up dancing with a guy that wasent my guide at one point and after the dance he spoke to me and was like "I love you."  At that point i kinda shrugged and ran away...lol!

oh and heres another hilarious story i was getting a dvd made of my photos and the photo guy comes up to me and says "are you a geographer?"  Out of shock i go "why would you think that?"  He said that my photos looked like i was either a geographer or a historian...and then i told him that yes i was a georapher who loves history.  I just couldnt get over that!  my photos look like  a geographers.  I dont know if that is a good or a bad thing?

Oh and the second guy at the photo shop asked me to marry him and take him back to america.  LOL!  God life is funny!  Really i'm going to marry someone i  just meet at the photo shop...right!

Well now i'm in kenya and who knows what type of trouble i will cause here.  This is my second day here and i've already went back to kibera slum to have lunch....And had some great talks about the tribal problems here. 

Well i'm out for now.  Just wanted to recommend a great book i'm reading right now "American Rust."  Its an amazing modern cometary on america and how our industrial cities are dying.  Love it! 

Bye All!


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photo by: easyjobrob