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Well since last writing a lot has occurred here. So please bear with me as I try to quickly summaries.  I flew back to Kenya from Uganda and meet up with Clay and went to an awesome party in Nairobi called "Grown and Sexy" with my awesome Kenyan friend Wambui.  This party was supposed to be a birthday party for 2 DJs but it was pretty much just a giant amazing party.  I was expecting something big but it really blew my mind away.  It was probably 2,000 people and the event was sponsored by Bailey's and Zain (a huge cell phone company in East Africa.)  To top this off there were camera and film people everywhere recording the event because the place was filled with the who's who of Kenya.  And then there was me and Clay somehow in that group in the VIP section.  Crazy....!

Well after our amazing night out we went on safari for the next 5 days.  All I can really say about this is that I have now seen cheetahs in person twice! How cool is that!?  Last time I was in the Masai Mara I didn't see any cheetahs but this time we saw two groups.  The first group of two were sitting under a bush chilling and the second group, a mom and two babies, where near a bush laying out on a fallen log.  The shots from that group look like what you see in national geographic!!!!!  We also got to see tons of lions including the illusive male lions!  Man I cant wait to post all of these pictures!

Last night Clay and I took the night train from Nairobi to Mombasa.  I decided to try the train instead of bus or fly because of all the positive things I had heard about the train.  And for all of you train enthusiasts I would have to say that this was not my favorite train experience.  While the train was a comfortable, clean, and semi-efficient (14.5 hours) way to get between these two destinations I did not like it very much because the train rocked back and forth quite a bit. Making it extremely hard to stand and making me slightly motion sick at first.   I believe the rocking might be partially attributed to the fact that the train tracks where laid approximately 100 years ago.

Since arriving in Mombasa I've had an amazing time!  The hotel we are staying at is super posh for Kenya and quite nice according to American standards.   After arriving here we decided to hang out by the pool and tan and jump in the Indian Ocean.  By the way this was my first  time in the Indian Ocean ever!  Yay!  And when we went  to walk away from our resort's pool to the ocean we noticed the resorts nice guards standing on the edge of our resort and the beach.  This was because the beach is public and as soon as a Muzungo steps on the beach they are bombarded with offers of camel rides, turtle spotting rides, and of course safaris.  Well of course we were mobbed but since i've spent over a month in Africa my skin is pretty thick and I was able to ignore the offers quite easily.  However, I can see why they had the guards because i don't think most muzungos would have handled the experience as well as i did.

Well soon we will be off to Malinda a city north of here on the coast and after that to Lamu.  An amazing coastal island in the north.  Yay!  I can't wait to let you all know how my trip up the coast goes...
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