Attack of the Tse Flies and Our Evil Tent!

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Well my unplanned trip to Uganda is going great!  I flew into Entebbe airport without a problem and found an awesome cab to take me into Kampala where I stayed at the Backpackers Hostel.  At first I was a bit nervous about going to another country without a plan but Backpackers was a great place for me to meet people and they offered trips which i promptly signed up for.  Within being at backpackers for 1 hour I had signed up for a trip a 3 day to Murchison Falls leaving the next morning.  I had also meet a girl named Heather who ended up being my buddy over that trip and the following day of white water rafting.

So my Murchison Falls trip was amazing.  We drove approximately 8 hours to the north to get to Murchison Falls an extremely narrow waterfall that is also extremely powerful.  I would actually have to say this is my favorite waterfall of all time because it is so powerful!  We got to go stand next to the falls and when you are standing up there you can actually feel the heat rising off the fall because it is generating so much energy.  Also dependent on where you stand you can be in an amazing cloud of mist.  My favorite view of the fall was standing next to it looking down at where it pooled into the Albert Nile.  It was just breath taking!

On our drive to the fall all of us mazungo (whites) learned an interesting lession...That tse flies are evil evil flies!  As we were driving through the park to get to the falls we had the windows of our van open.  Well tse flies started flying in....So we shut the windows and killed the files inside.  At first this seemed fine till we looked out the windows and saw that the flies were actually following the van flying right outside the window waiting for us to need fresh air and open the window!  How creepy is that!  They were like super smart vampire flies!  It wasent until we were driving over 20 miles per hour that the flies were unable to keep up with us.  Wow!

After we went to the falls on day one we retired to our campsite at the Red Chilli Lodge in the park.  This place was really cool because it had wild warthogs running around.  And while i say they were wild, they really didn't care when there were humans 5 feet away so i must say they were quite tame.  Or atleast as tame as a warthog can be.  Well everything was going super well at our camp until Heather and I had to go to sleep in our tent.  The campsite was hot.  I'm not sure what the actual temperature was but it was so hot that when you would just be sitting out at a picnic table not moving for over an hour you would still be sweating because of the heat and humidity.  This unfortunately did not go away when night came.  So when we went into our tent it was blisteringly hot.  And to top it off the tent had a rain cover on it and only one window, the front door.  So we start to try to put the screen up on the front door and find out that the zipper is all buggered up.  So the zipper wont actually go backwards because only half of it is on the track so i end up pulling the zipper off the track and we have to restart the zipper on the other side of the tent (heathers side.)  So Heather starts trying to theard the zipper onto the tracks with me holding the flash light for her.  At this point we are both mumbling exceptionally encouraging things like "this isn't really happening to us" and "oh my god we are going to melt" interspursed with nervious giggles.  Thankfully Heather was able to thread the stupid zipper after 20 to 30 minutes.  Then we actually had to zip the stupid thing up.  Well off course the zipper couldn't actually just work for us....So every about 5 inches or so the zipper would come undone after you had already zipped it.  So we had to keep going back and rezipping it hoping that the zipper would actually hold.  After about another 20 minutes of coaxing the zipper along while melting in the blistering hot tent with bats now flying right outside our tenting causing me to freak out and think they were going to fly in we had the zipper close to the bottom on my side of the tent.  At this point i proceeded to pull the zipper down and not pay enough attention and pull it too far dethreading half of the track from the zipper.  Brilliant!...  Talk about feeling like an ass.  We had now spent about an hour in a grueling hot tent just dripping with sweat working on this stupid zipper to have me mess it up and cause the whole stupid problem again!  This was particularily annoying because there was now no way for us to get out and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!  So at this point talk of peeing in water bottles begins.... After 30 minutes of more nervous giggles about the situation we decided to go to bed and see if possibly neither of us would have to pee in the the middle of the night.  Of course we could not possibly be lucky enough not to have to pee....

So after falling asleep for about an hour or 2 Heather wakes me up announcing she has to go pee.  So i sit up ready to unzip the tent and accept the fate that we will have to use the outside zipper and melt over night because of the extreme heat.  At this point she tells me "no i'm ready to try peeing in a water bottle."  And i sit there going "she woke me up so she could pee in a water bottle?"  And of course i decide i would rather not be awake for this and roll over and try to go back to sleep.  Well obviously peeing in a water bottle with a small lid is pretty much impossible so after a few minutes of though she's like this just isnt going to work.  And is like i need to get out of the tent but i dont want it to get opened too much so Cat you need to hold on to the zipper here (showing a big enough space for her to just barely crawl out of) and proceeds to make open the zipper up to that point and crawl out.  This was quite hilarious because she is a tiny tiny girl but even the amount of space she allotted for herself to get out of was too tiny!  So she's trying to climb out while the zipper is pulling and the whole tent is trying to keep her in.  Man thinking back i was almost like childbirth lol!  So she goes to the bathroom and comes back and crawls back through the same small hole.  And now we need to deal with the big hole that is left open by our zipper.  So Heather suggests I put my pack against the hole and that way no bugs will fly in.  And considering that its midnight and i'm half asleep i agree to do this all the while thinking that it wont really work that well... And when i move the pack against it the weight of the pack pulls the zipper open a bit more so i just stuff a shirt against it too.  And now i'm hoping that the tent doesnt open anymore....but dont care enough so i just fall asleep.  Well right later that moring around 5 am i wake up to Heather saying why are there so many bugs in the tent...I sit up and go "Well thats because the tent is completely open."  She sits up and goes "Hmmm how did that happen?"  We look outside to find my backpack on the ground.  It must have just pulled the zipper open.  Well at this point i just zip the outside of the tent closed and go "oh well we'll be hot but i'm going back to sleep."  So i proceed to sleep for another hour till our wake up call at 6 am.  God that was a funny night!

Well obivously our tent had a problem and we were going to have to sleep in it another night so we told our guide Bella about the problem... and in my next entry I will finish the story of the evil tent and my crazy adventures with Heather....


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photo by: AgniAgni