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Hi Everyone,

Ethiopia is quite a crazy country.  I have experienced so much here.  The capital, Addis, is a bustling crazing city that many people are calling an African India.  I thought the city was fun for about a day but much longer than that and it is way too much to deal with.  It is crazy and dirty and I'm always getting harrased.....surprise surprise.  Thankfully we left the city and went to Lalibella a beautiful city in Northern Ethiopia that has rock hewn churches.  They are absolutely amazing and I wish I could have spent a week there just taking in the sites.  However we had to move on to Axum, capital of the Axumite empire.  Everyone remember the Queen of Sheba?  She was the ruler of Axum.  So we got to see her palace (or so the archeologists say...) and we got to see amazing stellae.  While Axum was cool it could not compare to Lalibella.  The next city we visited was Gonder.  That's where I am right now.  I haven't gotten to see all the sites here yet but I've seen a few and they have been quite impressive.  I got to see a church built sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries with beautiful paintings inside of it.  The images are just astounding and I really hope I was able to capture part of their beauty in my photos. 

Well beside the cool site I've managed to get sick here twice.  Can image how that could be considering how sanitary everything  Overall things aren't too bad.  But accidentally eating raw meat one night because it was so dark in the restaurant that I couldnt tell what I was eating was a bit shocking. 

I hope to write again in about a week but internet and electricity in Ethiopia are quite unpredictable.  Supposidly the whole country is on a power sharing program.  But to the uneducated outsider it just seems like power is spuradic. 

Bye from your favorite crazy farenji (white person),


jdeegan says:
looking forward to living vicariously through your travels... stay healthy and safe!
Posted on: May 21, 2009
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photo by: alexchan