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At the main gate. On the right side, you can buy living plants, fruits, and further processed product of fruits.
It is getting common to see many cars with sticker of Mekarsari attached at the back of the cars. Seems that it is an interesting place to see. Since we have never been to there, obviously we are developing curiosity on how this fruit park will look like. So, on a not-so-bright Sunday morning, we drove our car to go there.

The park is located at Cileungsi main road, km 3, Jonggol, Bogor, West Java. Going there from our perspective, is like going from end to end. It is located on the east of Jakarta while our house is on the west of Jakarta.

After around one and a half hour driving, we reach the place. The entry ticket is extraordinary cheap, only IDR 10,000 (= USD 1) for adult and above 2 years old child.
Woo hooo....don't let the wind fly my wig! :P
Entry ticket for the car is also IDR 10,000. We do not expect that the ticket is as low as that price, so it is like a nice surprise for us.

The park is very huge, 264 ha. It collects 1,400 varieties of fruit plants, scattered on 80 hectares area. It is one of the biggest tropical fruit conservatory park in the world, especially the best breeds that are collected from all over Indonesia. Besides functions as a fruit conservatory, it offers many outbound and recreational activities.

When entering the park, at first I get confused on which activity we should choose. After asking several questions, if not considered as thousand ones, at the information centre, I decide to take the tour ride and buy the ticket for that. There is a long queue to get into one of the tour ride busses but the queueing process relatively quick because they manage the incoming and outcoming busses in an efficient manner.
Swan pedal boats on the lake.
Each of the tour bus has its own tour guide.

We see several fruit nurseries and stop at rambutan nursery (Latin Name: Nephelium lappaceum). Rambutan has red skin and it is covered in soft and hairy spines. The skin slips off very easily to reveal white pulp surrounding one brown seed. The texture and flavor of the white pulp is reminiscent of a sweet grape. They have several kinds of rambutan and we can pick freely from the tree. Some species have a sour type, I do not have any idea why they keep planting those trees. If I were them, I would simply ask somebody to cut those trees that not producing sweet fruits :P

Continuing the ride, we see some white spots deer, the same as the ones we saw in Botanical Garden in Bogor. We also see a lotus garden and a 7- storey building, named Puri Tirtosari Waterfall Building.
In front of a "giant fruits" totem.
It has a waterfall flowing from the top and occupies almost the whole front of the building. Very bizzare construction but somehow I like how creative the idea of building it. It functions as the management office of this park. According to the tour guide, this is the tallest waterfall building in the world. I think there is no other building like this, that's why it becomes the tallest one in the world. :)

After going around on the tour ride for one hour, we finally stop at the area of outbound activity. There are many kinds of them, including flying fox, Elvis walk, and so on. There is also a big lake that has the total area about 27 ha. Of course, there are several water fun activities there, such as riding a power boat, rowing boats, or swan pedal boats. We do not do any activity, either on the outbound area, nor on the lake.
Art street, representing of ....I don't have any clue.
Simply because we are so hungry. We forgot to take lunch first before entering the park. So, we take another tour bus to go back to the front office area and exit the park. Perhaps next time we can do some more activities there.

Then, we go to a "China Town" area. It is not a real China Town as refers to the common understanding. Actually, it was built by a developer in order to attract people to come to its residential area. It is a huge complex, painted in almost 100 % red and the ambiance is giving the impression as if you are in some kind of a fairy land with Chinese style of buildings and surroundings. As soon as we get there, we take our lunch to cease fire with our stomach. :P

After taking the lunch and putting back our mood in a comfortable level again, we take time to go around and see the place.
Inside the China Town.
It is basically a market, full of merchandises. The prices of goods being sold are very cheap in average. Furthermore, you can bargain to get even a lower price than what it is written on the tag. I just buy a red sandal for Rara, my daughter.

As we finish going around the place, we get stuck for a while because of a sudden heavy raining. Some people are reluctantly buy umbrellas just to let themselves out of the rain situation. Meanwhile, we just take a rest at a shelter over there. When the rain finally stops, we then go out and drive back to the west; to our little but comfy home.

End of this weekend.

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At the main gate. On the right sid…
At the main gate. On the right si…
Woo hooo....dont let the wind fly…
Woo hooo....don't let the wind fl…
Swan pedal boats on the lake.
Swan pedal boats on the lake.
In front of a giant fruits totem.
In front of a "giant fruits" totem.
Art street, representing of ....I …
Art street, representing of ....I…
Inside the China Town.
Inside the China Town.
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photo by: ariwardani