Ah Niagara, Where the water flows like guns into Republican hands.

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Denied a chance to see the falls from Canada so I'm on my way back to the States. Hooray for Time Wasted! Stuck at the U.S. border for another hour. They ask questions and search my car, it seemed to go pretty fast after waiting 3 hours at the Canadian border. I really didn't do much here, I was really thrown off by not being in Canada. But No doubt, I still Enjoyed myself. First things first, find food. I went into a place that was sort of like a mini mall and it had a food court. I walked around to see what they had. A place served Indian food so I that means I'm eating there. Curry Chicken, a favorite dish of mine. I like spicy food, this didn't seem very spicy to me, but after I was done, me mouth was numb. Next I took a walk. I'm the type of guy who can just appreciate the beauty of the water, so I walked beside the river and watched the rapids.
After walking around for awhile, I ran into somebody I know. Say what?! Yup, I can't go anywhere without running into someone I know. Saw my Friend Whitney there with her boyfriend, talked for awhile, laughed about how weird is was to see each other there and I'm on my way.

I head the information office and find out what to do around here. I wanted to go to the Aquarium but it was closed. So I went to buy a ticket to ride the Maid of the Mist (the boat that goes down by the falls). I've always heard about riding this boat but never had the chance. Here I go. I really can't do justice to the experience by writing about it. All I can say is it's cheap and a good time. Check out the Pictures. From the Maid of the Mist is where I took most of my pictures and videos. After that I went up onto the Observation tower and took some more pictures.

This pretty much concludes my trip. I decided it would be good to head home and be back in bed at a decent  time. I enjoyed my time at the Falls and on the Road. In fact, I made sure to tell everybody that this could be a good, cheap, one day trip. There's still alot I didn't do (didn't stop at one Winery, shame on me!) so I can't wait to go back. It was nice taking pictures and posting them on facebook as I see them too. That's it! I told you it was short.
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Yum Indian Cuisine
Yum Indian Cuisine
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Niagara Falls
photo by: WaltJake