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Down-town view from top of Hergiswil

The most romantic town I have ever been too. It is located near Lucerne. It took for us around 30 minutes from Lucerne main station to reach this town. There I had booked a hotel room right at the top of an hill with an fantastic view of the town all from top. BTW the name of the hotel is Roggerli. Very neat, well maintained and we got a room with a view to Mt.Pilatus. I would been even more excited had I got the room with a view to the lake. The staff were also very kind and speak German and good English.

We arrived there at 4 p.m. Put our things in the room and got freshened up. Then we took a evening walk to the down-town. It was slightly drizzling and the streets were deserted. The shops close at 6 p.m or at the most by 6:30 p.m. So we were lucky to grab some juice and snacks at the last moment.
There is a lovely park near the lake and the view it had... god..i just fell in love. We played there for a while was like an reminiscence of our childhood.

The next day, after finishing a wonderful breakfast in the hotel, we decided to go to Mt.Pilatus. We had to go to Hergiswil local train station to buy the day tickets and man, they are quite expensive and is valid in Train, Cable cars and buses. The guy at the station said its also valid for boats, which we found not to be true. May we misunderstood what he meant. Anyway, there are two ways to reach Mt.Pilatus. You can either take a cable carway from Lucerne which takes you approx. 1:30 hours to get to the top or take the cable carway from Alpnachstad which takes approx 45 mintues.
We decided to get up from Lucerne and get down to Alpnachstad. Here are few facts. Mt.Pliatus has the world's steepest cogwheel railway and Central Switzerland's biggest suspension rope park.

The cable car just graces through the beauty of the mountains, the greenish touch it had and i find it extremely difficult to put it in words. One should expierence it for himself. All through the cogwheel way, we heard only the sweet bell sounds,  tied around the neck of the cows there. It was so amusing. They call it Glocken in german and is a tradition in switzerland. The entire trip is divided in to two cogway rides. The first ride is 45 mins and has individual cable-cars, which can hold from 1-4 people. The next 45 mins ride is taken by a big cable-car and we have to stand in it. There were around 30 - 40 people in it. It had one of the one of the steepest climbings and it was like jumping from one mountain peak to the other.
As it crossed every peak, there was a deep drop and people in the cable-car used to shout like anything. We tried make some pictures but did not come out that well.

Finally reached the top after all screaming. The view from the top was just perfect as in landscape books. We have few restaurants up there, a coffee house and you are free to roam around. Mt.Pilatus is approx 2132 m altitude. There is also another way to come up and ofcourse we saw many young people taking that root. Its a trekking route from Alpnachstad but we decided to take the trains as were not well equipped for trekking. We spent around 4 hours at the top and then finally took a train down to Alpnachstad. From there we had connections back to Hergiswil either via boat or by train. Boat was exciting but our day ticket was not valid. We had some nice dinner and soon went running for the room.
cogwheel train
There had some nice shower and was soon in the bed. I should mention it. The bathroom in the hotel is so big that I even felt its size equal to the room.

The next day, was just perfect. There was no drizzling and the sun was out. We felt the chance given to us to capture the beauty of Hergiswil in our cameras and I think we did justice. Check through my photo links. We gazed through the town the whole day and we also had a chance to visit the Glassfactory in down-town. Only then we came to know the history of glass making in Hergiswil. There is no entry-fee to the glass-factory museum and you have an personalized automated audio guide in english. There are many museum rooms, each room is lit automatically on our entry and there is a display at each lightings. As you walk, the audio guide tells you what the display is about and you learn about the art of Glass making and its roots.
At the end of the museum you get to a large opening space, where you can see real glass making in action. I luckily got a chance to make one for myself and also brought that glass i made as my souvenir.

Then the next day, after finishing the breakfast, we checked out and headed for Lucerne. Being a touristic place, it was too crowdy and I certainly missed the greenery and silence of Hergiswil. We went to the Lions-Memorial, the old cultural bridge and roamed around for sometime till 4 p.m. Then we took train back to Germany with our hearts still lingering back in Hergiswil.

I will certainly vist this romantic heaven another time.

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Down-town view from top of Hergisw…
Down-town view from top of Hergis…
cogwheel train
cogwheel train
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