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I've had very little alone time or internet time this week to keep up with my blog-sorry guys! I'll try to fill you in as best as I can...

On Monday Mandy and I had orientation and took a class to learn to teach English. We were assigned to a local neighborhood called Tibas (it's actually a slum). We have been working with a church to help construct it and next week we're going to start teaching English to the kids in the mornings. Everything is a bit unorganized, but I think that's just about how all volunteer work goes.  Mandy and I were also sad to only be working in the mornings, but it turns out I've been plenty tired/occupied that I'm enjoying having afternoons off. The lady we have been working with is awesome (she's the pastor of the church). Seeing the neighborhood is really eye-opening. It makes me wish I could do more than I can in just two weeks- Peace Corps anyone??? The kids there are adorable and I've already decided I want to bring one home. His name is "Christofer" and he's absolutely the cutest kid ever! We went to a party for the kids at the church yesterday and passed out clothes and cake and candy and such. The looks on the kids' faces were amazing. They were so excited. (We took lots of photos mom).

Other than volunteering this past week... I have been running in the mornings with our housemate, Nicolas. He's a cyclist and running to keep in shape while he's here. Needless to say, I get my butt kicked daily. It's fun though and I like having a running buddy. Mandy and I have been hanging out with him a lot. We went to the movies on Wednesday. It was only $2!!! (usually it's a whole $3...) We've decided to go every Wednesday while we're here.

On Friday, Mandy and I got up REALLY early and left for Jaco (a beach on the Pacific). I was pretty sick though, so we wound up coming back that same day rather than staying the night. Jaco, by the way, is definitely not my favorite beach. It's very developed, not always a bad thing, but it's a little overdone. Also, the beach itself is pretty dirty. It has some really strong waves for surfers though.

Yesterday and today I still felt pretty fatigued and I have a sore throat and runny nose, etc. I tried to run yesterday, but that didn't go so well... I only got 2.5 miles in :( Today Mandy, Nicolas, and I went to mass at the cathedral in San Jose. It's really pretty. Afterwards we got lunch and then ice cream (I'm loving that for my sore throat). Then we went to the mall and bought some supplies for teaching tomorrow-as well as a runner's world in spanish!!!

On our way to use the internet it started pouring rain. I am now ridiculously soaked, thanks to Costa Rica's rainy season :)

Pura Vida!
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