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I stayed in Bluefields, Nicaragua (the Atlantic Coast) for a few days to visit a friend who is volunteering there. There was not much to see there except I happened to go on the weekend of a big festival, Palo de Mayo. The first night we went and watched some reggaeton rappers. The way they speak is really interesting. It's english, but not english that I can speak/understand well, so I actually prefer to speak in Spanish.

During the day I got to tour my friend's workshop/offices. What they are doing is really cool. I was impressed. They are making and installing wind turbines to provide electricity to rural areas since they are not on the national grid. They've also been working with solar energy.

The second night we went to see the parade and one of the volunteers even danced in it. It is very Creole/Caribeno influenced. The dancing was reflected in that. They all wore brightly colored outfilts-really fun. Afterwards we went out to dinner... the choices: fish or shrimp. That's it. Good food though :)

The last day I was in Bluefields, I spent the day just hanging out with the volunteers and such. That evening they had a farewell dinner for a few volunteers who were leaving the next day. There were also a lot of fiestas for the festival, so we went out as well. I had to get up the next morning and be at the airport at 6am. Then I spent the whole day sitting around at airports, etc.

Finally, after my long day of airports, I met up with Mandy and slept REALLY WELL that night.
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photo by: ahtibat17