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I am losing track of my days so my timeline will be fairly vague during this entry- sorry, that's just what happens I suppose. A few days ago I spent the morning at las ventanas with my brothers. My sister-in-law made an awesome french toast with glazed pineapple breakfast (I'm definitely going to miss having this kind of food!). We went down to the beach later that morning and hung out at Laconda, our favorite breakfast spot. Tyler tried ordered seafood soup- turned out it had whole squid in it. A few of us tried it just to see. A little chewy, but not a bad flavor.

The guys and I got surf boards, but I'm no good, so I got a lesson too :) It went really well. I definitely need some work though. I have a few bruises and my back muscles were sore afterwards.

Around midday, they dropped me off at the bus stop (a street corner), and I headed up to Nicoya. I was on my way to Malpaís, south of Samara. People had told me to go to Nicoya first and then change buses there. Once I got to Nicoya they told me that I first had to go to Playa Naranjo and then go from there. I arrived in Playa Naranjo at about 8pm or so and found out I'd have to take a ferry across the bay to Puntarenas, another ferry back to Paquera, a bus to Cóbano, and at last one to Malpaís-that's a lot! I stayed in Playa Naranjo for the night because I really had no other choice. There was only two or so hotels around ($30!!!) and it didnt even have a phone for me to use.

The next day I got up early, caught the first ferry out (I LOVE FERRIES!!), and made my way to the southern peninsula. I ran into a girl I'd met in San José, so we have been traveling together. We went to Montezuma for the night to check it out and came over to Santa Teresa/Malpaís area yesterday. Santa Teresa is definitely better than Montezuma. I loved the yoga in Montezuma, but it was full of backpackers. Not to say that there aren't plenty of us in Santa Teresa, we're just more spread out and it's all about surfing here.

On that note, I'm off to go surf for the day :) Pura Vida!!!
miem says:
Jilly; Good to hear about your adventures in Costa Rica , you saw more than most natives, be safe, will keepup with you on the blob. Dedad
Posted on: May 22, 2009
rsdavis says:
Hello Jillie,

I was thrilled to hear from you this morning. You need to try to stay in touch daily, or no more than every other day. Please!!

I'm glad you visited JD and Tyler, and your "sisters". JD sent a very nice note about you. They are proud of you. In fact, JD commented that he wishes he'd been more like you.

Your notes warm my heart every morning that I'm home. Thanks...

Please, be careful and stay in touch.

You're the BEST!!

I love you more than Stone Mountain!!!

Posted on: May 21, 2009
jwildavis says:
While you're exploring Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia and France, I'll be navigating the mean streets of Charlotte and Myrtle Beach! That makes us both daring adventurers!

Seriously, have fun and be safe!

With love and prayers,

Uncle Jeff
Posted on: May 21, 2009
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Santa Teresa
photo by: AndySD