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Its only been another week and I'm already heading out for Australia in just a few hours. How time flies!!!

I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Wendy and Martin. It was great to catch up and see how they were doing. On Saturday night we went out to a bar/dance club with the English guys, a couple Scottish girls, and a Canadian that was themed after Alice in Wonderland. Very random, but fun. They even served drinks in teapots and you had a tea party- fitting since I was with some Brits :) I wound up only getting 3 hours of sleep since I had to get up REALLY early to run my half-marathon the next day... I know, I'm bad at race preparation. I also had two coffees with milk in them (not good for your stomach before a race) and I walked a mile and STILL managed to run faster(1:53) than my previous time(2:02). I think I'm going to write a book. I just hung out in Windy Welly for the day and then went over to Wendy's for a home-cooked meal thanks to Martin. Afterwards we had hokey pokey ice cream (vanilla with toffee bits) and toffee pops (a biscuit, sorry, cookie*).

All you need to know- It was cold. I was supposed to go skiing. The slopes were closed. Sad day.

Met back up with the English guys in Taupo for a day, as well as another English girl that they had met along the way. Apparently they had been waiting at the bus station for me to greet me with random candy jewelry from the $2 Store, but somehow we missed each other :( They're pretty random, but great fun. The first night we just hung out and cooked dinner at the hostel, but the next morning we packed in tons. Amy had a rental car so we were able to get from place to place quickly, so first we went to Huka Falls to take a look. Next, we went to see the dam release the water (does this every couple hours), and lastly we went to some thermal pools. It's truly amazing how there is so much thermal activity. The place we went to wasn't commercialized at all. It was just a random stream in the middle of a park that just happens to be a naturally-ocurring hot springs. After lunch, I caught a ride with Amy up to Rotorua instead of catching the bus. Way easier- I am definitely renting a car next time!

First night I didnt really do anything, just read a bit and went to bed WAY too early :) The next day I had a tour planned. Turns out I was the only one, but they still took me around. First thing was mountainbiking- heaps of good trails here. Then we went rafting down the Okere river, just me and the two guides. They had lots of fun with me since I was the only one. I managed to fall in when we went over the waterfalls (21ft high!!!). So after that they didn't mind pushing me in and getting me soaked and such. They are quite hilarious. Next, we kayaked across Lake Rotoiti and to some hot pools. It was quite a day and I loved it. The company was Multi-day Adventures (they usually do longer tours), and I would HIGHLY recommend them. The guys are great and they know tons about the Maori culture. Their friend was supposed to be playing live music that night at a local bar, so they invited me out. I went for a bit, but as it turns out their friend was actually sick so they didn't stay long either.

Sadly, I didn't get to experience much here since I'm only stopping through to get to the airport, but it seems like it could be a fun place if I gave it a bit more time. I did have my first ever Korean BBQ meal here. Quite tasty :)

I'm off to the airport- Happy travels!!!
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photo by: Fulla