Naytchah(Nature) and Caltchyah(Culture) in Canberra

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My first night Laura and her sister Alice picked me up from the airport and we went to King's Cross for a night out. The bar we went to was pretty trendy and posh, so I started (jokingly) stereotyping the typical aussie male as a metrosexual fashionable guy. It was a fun night out and it was really good to be catching up with Laura.

The next day Laura and I headed to Canberra, the capital. Laura goes to uni(college) there. She showed me around a little bit and then we headed out that evening for pizza and drinks with some of her friends. When we were out one of her guy friends was talking about jeans and shoes, just reinforcing my metro aussie guy stereotype. Oh and I started another inaccurate stereotype that all australian girls are named Alice, since two of Laura's friends were named Alice plus her sister. I also ate my FIRST EVER mint slice and tim tam (cookies). They are delicious.

Day two I went out shopping with Alice and Alice :) and bought myself some winter necessities (and some stuff for fun). Canberra is cold in the winter, especially in a house without central heating. For all the aussies, yes I knew it would be cold. I planned on buying clothes here. That night we met up with the girls from our semester exchange in Chile for a good thai dinner and wonderful catch up time!

I was supposed to do some touristy stuff and go see museums and stuff on wed, but I wound up running around them instead- Canberra is like one big park so I love running here. I was also introduced to some Australian tv that night- all 5 channels. I quite like the idea of only having 5 channels though. It's kind of a community thing that then everyone can talk about tv in general, versus in the US we have a gazillion channels and no one watches the same show or can keep up with all of it.

Laura and I hiked through the botanical gardens and up Black Mountain which overlooks Canberra the next morning. She taught me that the two important things while travelling are "naytchah" (nature in an aussie accent) and caltchyah(culture). This was my bit of naytchah. Finally, we bussed back to Sydney that arvo(afternoon).
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