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I spent the day traveling from Santa Teresa/Malpais to Monteverde. Along the way, I ran into a couple who are from Delaware and studying for their Ph.D.s in Wisconsin. I have been traveling with them since. They are very interesting and I enjoy their company a lot.

The first night in Monteverde, we went to find a hostel, and then had a quiet evening out to dinner and playing cards. The next day we slept in (very much needed). Late morning we went to the Monteverde Reserve to hike. On our way out we lollygagged and looked at the flora and fauna. It is Kevin's mission to see a sloth, so we commenced slothwatch. We reached the lookout after an hour or so and stopped to eat lunch. As we were eating it began to rain, so we packed up and started hiking again (soggy sandwiches are gross). As we were hiking, it began to pour. Then someone said "at least it can't get any worse" so the torrential rain started. It was insane. despite quick-dry pants and a raincoat, I was soaked the whole way through.

The rest of the afternoon was spent drying off and lazing around our hostel. That evening we went on a night tour of the forest. We had our hopes up for seeing a sloth again, but no such luck. At least we saw some cool insects, frogs, and even a porcupine and an armadillo (on the way home actually). That night we packed up and played cards for a while again.

This morning we woke up early, grabbed a quick breakfast, and headed out. We hiked again, this time to the Catarata San Luis (waterfalls). It took a 15-20min taxi ride plus a 45min hike. Totally worth it. The waterfall is AMAZING. I can't wait to show you guys photos of how high it is. We hung around for the morning and even dared to get it the water (FREEZING COLD).

We picked up a quick lunch and stopped by the treehouse restaurant for lattes (thanks mom). They had cute faces of animals on the froth of the latte. Very cool. On our way back to the hostel we looked for a sloth that we heard was hanging around in town. We asked about him and actually wound up talking to a lady who knows all about sloths. She has counted all 147 of them who live in the town and named them. Sadly we had to make it out to our shuttle to Arenal and didn't have time to spend on slothwatching!

The shuttle was a jeep-boat-jeep deal. The first jeep ride was bumpy and through the country side, the boat across the lake, and a quick ride to the hostel at the end. All of it was gorgeous. Photos to come...
aswold says:
Sounds fun
Posted on: May 24, 2009
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photo by: smhirsch