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Sorry to any avid readers for my lack of journal entries lately. To be fair, I was pretty busy my last week in Costa Rica, the two days of travel to get to New Zealand, and since then traveling here. Anyway... here's the updates!

Costa Rica:
The last week of volunteering was great. We got a few more volunteers added to our project with Mandy and I and they'll be continuring for us. We started teaching some of the moms aside from the kids and doing more advanced stuff. They were awesome. It was pretty sad to leave at the end of the week. Our project coordinator (the pastor of the church) even cried when we left. We all swapped info with each other to keep in touch. When I go back to San Jose I will definitely have to visit. Over the weekend we headed to Puerto Viejo, the Caribbean. It was GORGEOUS. It was very Jamaican style with lots of Bob Marley and red green and yellow everywhere. Such a different culture from the Pacific coast. Sunday was a fairly lazy day trying to get ready to leave Monday morning.

Travel Time:
The trip to New Zealand was not as bad as I had expected. It was 36+hours total, but it really does go by quickly. When I checked in at the airport in San Jose, they informed me that my flight to Dallas had been cancelled. It took us a bit to figure out another way for me to get to LA in time for my flight to NZ. Finally I got on a flight to Miami and then to LA. I had to repack my bags so that they could be carry-ons because my layover in Miami was only an hour. Everything went well though and I got on my flight just fine. Side note- Qantas is amazing! They have on demand Movies, TV, etc. The airplane food was actually decent. US airlines have got a ways to go...

New Zealand:
I arrived in Nelson in the early afternoon. It was wonderfully sunny (though a bit cold) and lots of footpaths (sidewalks) everywhere, so I went for a run. I started on a footpath in the center of town and before I knew it I was in the middle of hills and fields with no buildings in sight. I loved it. I decided right then that I am moving to New Zealand. I managed to stay up til a decent hour on my first night and completely avoided jet lag by doing so. The second day I went on a hike in a nearby national park, Abel Tasman. It was beautiful. I'd love to come back in summer sometime so that I could actually get in the ocean and enjoy the beaches even more.  The day after that I went on a wine tour. Nelson is not the largest wine region in New Zealand but there are smaller boutique wineries. The tour guide, as in turned out, was my friend Wendy's mom! It took me a bit to figure it out, but I remember Wendy mentioning that her parents lived in Nelson and her mom did something with wine or so. They both have red curly hair, and after some conversation I put it all together. It was a great coincidence. After the wine tour I flew to Wellington, a whole 25min flight. Last night I went out for a bit with some of the other people in the hostel and checked out the place. Two Canadians, two English guys and myself. We went around town today. First, we walked up a hill nearby with a lookout. It was hilarious because the trails were muddy and we kept slipping- I even fell at one point which made everyone else happy. Then we went to this huge museum (free) and wandered for about 2-3 hours in there. Tonight my plan is to meet up with Wendy and Martin. Don't know what we'll be up to but I'm extremely excited to be seeing them!

That's about it for now. I'm sure I left something out, but oh well. Til next time...
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