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I was in Heidelberg but heading for Stuttgart and I was travelling with one of my colleagues on our way to a logistical fair. It turned out that it was cheaper for us to fly Dusseldorf and rent a car and spend one night in Heidelberg before spending a full day in Stuttgart. I had not been in Heidelberg since I was in my 20s and that is some years ago. I had found us a hotel that looked pretty well on the internet but turned out to be even better than I dared to guess. We were given two nice rooms with high ceiling and bright colours, and after a quick check in, we would meet in the hotel. The hotel was a masterpiece of a bar with lovely colours and classic furniture. Our hotel Der Europäische Hof is something as seldom as a 5 star family owned hotel. The hotel is located not far from the main walking street of the wonderful city of Heidelberg, a Heidelberg that benefits from its location next to the river and the mountains.

The hotel does not look impressive from the outside but as soon as you drive your car in front of the entrance you can get a peek of the details of the inside. We arrived in the dark just after 6 pm and met on the parking by a sweet receptionist. She had come out to tell us where we could park, and it was just next to the hotel entrance where there was a huge parking under ground garage. The reception was just inside the entrance door and the scenery just behind them confirmed that it was a grand place that we would enter. The background was colorful display of a time that was not anymore. The colors were bright and real bright red together with soft green. The interior was everything that I could imagine of an old classic hotel and something that you see in few hotels these days. The story about this hotel was not written yesterday but many years earlier.

I was given a room on the first floor and was escorted there by a polite and perfect English-speaking bellboy. He followed me all the way to my room, which is something that you hardly experience in Europe anymore. It happens so seldom that I almost find it annoying. There was quite a walk before we reached my room. On the route getting there we walked along broad halls with high ceilings. Finally reaching my room I was surprised, because the first thing my eyes laid on the color was a bright red desk.

The ceiling was extremely far up; my best guess would be more than 4 meters. I had a queen size bed in the middle of the room covered in off-white bedcover, and even the sides of the bed was white, when the cover was taken off. There was a red pillow on the bed and there was also one in the matching off-white armchair in the corner in front of the windows. The windows were really high as well, but a really nice feature was that they had put huge mirrors next to the windows, which gave more space to the room. The huge surprise was the bright red desk. The room was spacy and there was a 3 meters long hall that covered the huge bathroom. It was a really nice bathroom with a spa bath and I truly wished that I had more time to spend at this place. The bathroom was built up in marble and it was nice and spacious.

We had a beer in the bar before we went out to eat and the high quality was constant wherever we went in this marvelous hotel. We climbed up in the tall bar stools and ordered a couple of local beers. They were served in the traditional German way, where the foam is being removed a couple of times before the beer is served. The beers or pilsners tasted marvellous and we quickly ordered a couple more and we actually managed to have 3 before we left but they were also kind of small. After the beers, we went down to the long walking street, where we walked to the end before we found a nice restaurant. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do anything else but eat and sleep on our visit at the hotel but the 4th and 5th floor of the hotel was a spa and it could have been nice to spend some time there.

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Der Europäische Hof is something as seldom as a 5 star family owned hotel. The hotel is located not far from the main walking street of the wonderful… read entire review
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