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Looking up at Oban and McCaig's Tower
Right, so....the ferry docked in Oban just around 5.30pm, and we set off to find our hostel.  I'll get to the town of Oban in a minute...first let me tell you about where we were staying...because it was clearly the quirkiest, greatest hostel ever.  The staff was super friendly, and the place was super cool, and I think of the entire building, there were 4 of us staying there that night.  lol.  We were put in a 6-person dorm, but we had the room entirely to ourselves, which was nice.  Each bed in the room was assigned a name too, so we were sleeping in 'Cinderella' and 'Princess' (the other empty beds in our room were Nasty Stepmother, Pea, Jack, and Giant).  It was kinda awesome.  

Jena also seemed to think that for some reason Cinderella outranked Princess.
.. I didn't quite get the logic of that.

But anyway, we basically just threw our junk in the room and then headed back out into town, because Oban was just the cutest place ever.  Just this adorable little seaside town built up the side of a hill.  It was the same exact type of town as Galway, which is probably why we both loved it so much nearly instantly.

It was just early evening at the time, and absolutely gorgeous out, so we set off up through Oban to check out McCaig's Tower.  

Right, so McCaig's Tower was built by this eccentric rich dude in the late 19th century.  He based it on the Roman Colisseum and wanted it to house an art gallery and museum.  Unfortunately, he died and his family decided that that idea was crazy, so they stopped the construction of it.  So all it is today is the outer walls of a colisseum-esque structure overlooking Oban.  Surprisingly, it's still pretty awesome....if for no other reason than the views it affords out over Oban Bay and across to the islands.  We managed to seat ourselves in one of the windows of the tower and stayed to watch the sunset.

Anyway, after sitting in a cold, stoney window for quite some time, we came back down into town and I decided that a couple pints were in order.  So we set off to find a suitable pub, which is pretty much where we spent the rest of the evening.  Leaving it at that...

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Looking up at Oban and McCaigs To…
Looking up at Oban and McCaig's T…
McCaigs Tower.
McCaig's Tower.
Sunset out one of the windows of M…
Sunset out one of the windows of …
Me at sunset up at McCaigs Tower
Me at sunset up at McCaig's Tower
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