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Corporate Communication. Sounds very official, yea? The world of knee length skirts, trousers, and pumps. The men walk around with briefcases and ties while the women walk effortlessly in three inch heels. 

Well, Corporate Com is official and for some reason I was very excited about beginning my internship in the corporate world of Hawaii. I though, well maybe since Hawaii is so fantastic the job should be a little more entertaining than most. Turns out, it is still corporate. There is still the mundane business that everyone has to do. Ahhh, the grown-up world. On a lighter note shopping for grown-up attire for the corporate world is rather exciting but that is about it.

Now for the intended point of this blog. For those of you who are wanting to come to Hawaii for employment, good luck. It is very hard to get a job here and unless you are being transferred, expect at least one month to find a job if not more. It took my boyfriend two months. There are so many people who move here, get jobs, and then can't afford to live here so they move back to the mainland. Employers are very skeptical, which I suppose they should be. 

However, if you are lucky enough to land a job in paradise, expect to wear peak-toe pumps and tanks to work. The work attire is usually very laid back and more casual than in most other places. That's why I love my job!
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photo by: crystalware