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ft lauderdale beach @ 8am from 14th floor

i have already arrived in Ft Lauderdale from Miami.....

I have checked in at the Sheraton Yankee Trader for my last Floridian night.

I had so many things to do before returning home.....

I needed to get into the salty Atlantic Ocean.  For this whole trip, I had not yet been to the beach, yes....I did go snorkeling a few days past, but never was I able to touch the sand.  I had to get a bit darker....I wanted a tan.  This would be so that I could really say I went on a vacation.  For some reason, getting a tan helps others to know that some time away from the ordinary has occurred.  I needed to repack all my belongings as I had added a bit of stuff and I was not really sure how it would fit.  I also wanted to go to the Harley-Davidson store, as well as the Hard-Rock hotel and casino.

Yankee Trader accomodations

Did it all happen?


Although, I wanted to hang out upon arrival to the hotel.  I did not know where to go.  The concierge already gone home for the evening, the front desk not informing me that all guests have in/out access from the parking structure.  So I went up to my room through the really warm 14th floor hallway and repacked my luggage.  My first to do done by default.

In the morning, actually asked for a wake-up call after going to bed around 2am.  Got up got ready and went to have some breakfast over at the other Sheraton.....Yankee Clipper.  The Yankee Clipper is in the shape of a boat.  So had breakfast in the steakhouse which actually serves a nice breakfast. 

After finishing up, went back to the Yankee Trader and changed into my water wear.

ft lauderdale shoreline looking north from Yankee Trader hotel
  Off to the beach.  I went over to Ft. Lauderdale Beach and laid a couple of the hotel towels to lay on and one for my head.  The ocean was could see through it, but it was sporting a fair bit of seaweed (not desirable).  Got in and out of the water a few times.  They say you can get the best tan in the ocean.  By the way....this is the first day I did not put on any sunblock.  After about an hour, I returned to the hotel after washing off.

At the hotel, I stopped at the pool and layed out a bit.  I wasn't sure I had achieved my desired color.....I also needed to dry my shorts a little more.

Back in the hotel room, I took a shower, packed my last minute things and said goodbye to my partial ocean view room.

Main Entrance to the Hard Rock

I visited the Harley-Davidson showroom, and the proceded onto the Hard-Rock Hotel and Casino.  Upon arrival I took a walk around and found that there were a lot of extra guests.  The Hard Rock was crowded with seamen.  It seems it was fleet week and the U.S. Navy gave shore leave rights to many of our finest.

I did a little shopping at the Hard Rock's two shops (one for the hotel and the other for the cafe).  And, before leaving grabbed a bite in the hotel's food court.

I had a great trip and left for the airport.

Please leave any comments, questions, and smiles that you feel appropriate.  Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying.....

rayray says:
Absolutely top blog! Ive been down to Key West from Miami, and it was an awe inspiring experience. One I will never forget. Through your writing and pics, you captured its magic perfectly :D
Posted on: Jul 28, 2007
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ft lauderdale beach @ 8am from 14t…
ft lauderdale beach @ 8am from 14…
Yankee Trader accomodations
Yankee Trader accomodations
ft lauderdale shoreline looking no…
ft lauderdale shoreline looking n…
Main Entrance to the Hard Rock
Main Entrance to the Hard Rock
The U.S. Navys finest
The U.S. Navy's finest