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Approaching the mountain, already in the cloud cover, still another 30 minutes to drive

 First morning, took an hour long ride in a taxi up to the foot of the mountain, was already in clouds by this point. Taxi driver insisted we stop at some crappy stalls along the way, we told him in polite Malay to keep going.

At the foot of the mountain (like the Dennis Brown song) we started our hike after a bit of wait. Met our guide, who's name now escapes me 2 years on. The start of the climb was easy but a bit of a surprise, wasn't really sure what to expect around each corner and as each bit changes so much it's easy to guage where abouts you were. We went through.

Developed areas with concrete

Almost dessert like areas

Thick jungle

Thick jungle with 1ft high steps

Thick jungle with roots for steps

Think jungle with rocks for steps

Thick cloud

Towards the top it got a lot rockier with some heather like plants which was quite amusing this far from the Derbyshire Dales.

as it says 6.5Km along and 3.4km up, this was at 5am
We stayed at Laban Rata which is a pretty nice hostel built into the side of the hill. Everything that's up there (a 100 bed hostel) was carried up on people's backs up the mountain, I barely managed a small rucksack, they even carried porcilin toilets up there!

Was exhausted, fell asleep at 5pm and had one of the coldest nights sleep of my life. Woke up at 5am to finish off the climb before the sunrise, however altitude sickness kicked in, we walked for about 3 hours going 5 minutes of slow walking, 10 minutes of sitting.

Made it to the summit, must the actual sunrise but it was still stunning, could almost seen to Brunei, at least I thought so. The climb down was almost the best bit, only took 4 hours down and about 13 up! Runnin down the side of the mountain listening to Rodregio & Gabriella was one of the best experience of this trip.

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Approaching the mountain, already …
Approaching the mountain, already…
as it says 6.5Km along and 3.4km u…
as it says 6.5Km along and 3.4km …
Rough of the world, cant quite ma…
Rough of the world, can't quite m…
Jungle everywhere
Jungle everywhere
The sign at the top
The sign at the top
Mount Kinabalu
photo by: Deats