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The RoadKing & The FatBoy
The TRIP was not really lost it was my pictures that were stuck in the Blue Screened Hell of my old computer. 

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Seeing the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota for the first time is a very memorable experience in any vehicle, but to ride up on a motorcycle will leave you totally speechless. Without being confined in a car you can get the true magnitude of this wonder of the US WEST.  Carving started on the amazing Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 1927. It took 14 years, more than 350 people to complete. The faces of four presidents are carved into the mountainside: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. At first, there was a suggestion to carve famous western figures, people like Buffalo Bill, Lewis & Clark, Old School Dan of Struguis and Sacagawea.
That is George
But a special group chose these presidents because they best represented the "foundation, expansion and preservation" of the United States.
Gutzon Borglum was asked to design Mount Rushmore.  He decided that the best way to remove large pieces of rock from the mountain was to use dynamite. He and his workers became skilled at carving Mount Rushmore using carefully placed dynamite. In fact, more than 90 percent of the mountain was carved by dynamite! The rest was finished using air hammers. The faces of the presidents were finished one by one, Washington in 1930, Jefferson in 1936, Lincoln in 1937 and Roosevelt in 1939.
A few Mount Rushmore fact:
Rushmore's granite faces tower over 5,500 feet above sea level.
The carvings are scaled to men who would stand 465 feet tall.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial on a Scoot is GREAT

Each President's head is as tall as a six-story building.
Over 800 million pounds of stone was removed from Mount Rushmore during construction. No deaths occurred during the whole period of carving, just a few minor injuries.  
The president's noses are 20 feet long, their mouths 18 feet wide, and their eyes are 11 feet across!
Gutzon Borglum was a student of renowned French artist Auguste Rodin, and was one of America's most successful artists before even considering Mount Rushmore? His Mares of Diomedes was the first American work purchased by New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. He also has 5 statues on display at the U.S. Capitol Building.
No deaths occurred during the whole period of carving, just a few minor injuries.
Thomas Jefferson was started on Washington's right, after 18 months of carving the figure of Jefferson had to be dynamited off the mountain and restarted on the left of Washington.
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The RoadKing & The FatBoy
The RoadKing & The FatBoy
That is George
That is George
Mount Rushmore National Memorial o…
Mount Rushmore National Memorial …
Seeing Mount Rushmore National Mem…
Seeing Mount Rushmore National Me…
photo by: vickie-lou