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i will start by saying my whole trip I never felt  threatened any where by anyone

It was a bit lonely at times where I should have had an interpreter with me, and chose to rough it and see how far my sign language and a dictionary would take me

thinking of food was always a tough time because most times it was point and hope it was what I wanted

my trip started by flying into Chengdo in the middle of china

from there I took a train to Xian

I figured I would try for my first trip to go to as close to the centre as I could

I am not sure how many other non chinese people have been to these places

by the looks I recieved by people while I walked around the streets

when you travel in china be prepared to be pushed and shoved like a competition just to get in a bus or a train

is absolutly un believable ,,, the doors are only a couple of feet wide and you can have as many as 50 people all trying to push in from all different directions at the same time others are trying to get out the same door ,,,, If i could have moved I would have taken a photo ,,, then again I may have missed the bus if i tried to get a photo

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