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So what have I been up to lately in chicago?
Well first getting here -it was about midday, it was wet but very hot
and there were no hostels free!!!
On top of it all - having to drag around 30 extra kgs SUCKS BIG ONES!
Ended up finding a place to stay only to find out it was inhabited
with WEIRDOS!!!!
Spent the night there before taking off to a more friendly hostel.
Was greeted by alot of freindly welcoming faces with heaps of cooll
stories to share!
Chicago IS a beautiful city and I have to reccomend it to anyone
wanting to travel the USA.
The buildings and arcitecture are AMAZING!
The people are so friendly -will help point you in the right direction
without you mentioning a thing (just have to look confused -for me
thats not hard, I am sure most of you would agree yes!)
Navy pier (like a pier with a fun park on it) is an amazing place to
sit at night and observe the skyline and the gorgeous lights that
reflect the city.
Wondering around the library is MASSIVE, there are alot of homeless
people here, it is really sad.  but some sit there shaking  a cup at
you for coins well others comment on your appearance (kinda making you
feel good and smile)
The "EL" as they call it -a train and subway system is
Getting around chicago can be mastered in a day if armed with a copy
of a touristy subway map."now thats handy!"
When you cross the road -you dont have to even push a button! Just
wait -its all automatic! its FAnTASTIC!
They dont really have 'grocery' stores as such, just department stores
that do EVERYTHING! kinda handy but really weird.
For me it was hard to ask for a pound of cheese -all i got wasa "HUH?"
-when I asked for 300 Grams.
So this other time i got into a car on the wrong side thinking it was
the passenger side, how many times will i do this before I learn!!!
So you might ahve all heard about my lil experience in a freak storm!
yeah it was pretty scary -still very much alive though!  We were
sitting at the beach (by the way the beach is RIGHT by the city "thats
Anyway, back to my COOL story, we noticed a small black cloud but idnt
really think much of it, it got a lil bigger but not too bad so we
went into a tent covering and continued talking.
Next thing we know, we are running, barely grabbing our stuff before
the poles and tent start coming down around us (it would of done some
serious damage) there were glasses flying, people yelling, we got
directed underground where they secured everything. In half an hour it
was over.
Looking out to the scene around us there were trees EVERYWHERE,
massive ones even, all over the road spilled through car windows. on
top of houses.
Water up to just below our knees.  It would have cost alot to clean up
i tell you.
you know the irony of it all -that hasnt happened in YEARS!!
Trust my luck ah;)

So its my last day here today before i endure a 23 hour bus ride to
NYC to stay with tammy.

Spent Sunday at Six Flags amusement park riding BIG coasters (America
really does EVERYTHING big)
The coasters were AWESOME.  I rode mostly up front and back -front you
got all the action up lose -back you got all the whip!
I have never had so much fun!  I felt like a big kid!  I RECOMMEND THIS!
Check it out

So now I am going to see sears tower (tallest building in chicago)
then I might have a lil more of a look around to say goodbye to this
city i have so fallen in love with.

Until next time guys
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