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Hiking the morning after a night of partying and intoxication is not by any measure an easy thing to do; rising to the early morning sun in preparation for a hike of all things, turned out to be less exciting at 9:30 am, nonetheless the Travbuddies convened at the appointed location - Red Rock Canyon visitor center. The Red Rock Canyon hike was scheduled for 10:00 a.m, but did not actually start until a few minutes after 10:30 am. A group of 11 less enthusiastic hikers namely: Africancrab (Me), Melanie, Jennifer, Joy, Jillian, James, Matt, Sal, RJ, Tracy, and John set off in 4 cars with James driving his rented convertible, Melanie in her car, RJ took Africancrab and Sal while John drove alone.

The Hike: The Ice Box Trail is considered a difficult hike with 2.

5 miles and I don't remember what the elevation climb was. It was rather steep. I did not think it hard at all, but that could be because the company I had made it more fun than sporty, (smile!). The trail took us up hill then down through a cool and shady box canyon. It does have seasonal waterfalls in the heart of Red Rock Canyon however we did not get to the water fall itself. It was pretty dry and the narrow canyon with it's tall trees provided much needed shelter from the heat. Once you are into the canyon the mountain provides significant shade. It was the mile walk from the road to the base of the mountain that is challenging because there is no shade, we were sweating like hell by the time we hit the huge boulders at the base of the mountain/ well huge hills and giant rocks. We sighted some daring rock climbers braving the rather dangerous steep and extremely high flat rocks in the Canyon.

We took a break and managed to climb one of the boulders for a photo shoot (smile). Matt made for the entertainer throwing around English words that are pronounced rather poor in the American version of the English language. For example how do you pronounce TUBE, WATER, and ALUMINIUM ???  Did you get that right? Well ask Matt ( he was the English teacher along the way. I must confess I have always had a problem with the way Americans pronounce the word "Alu-mi-nium", they say "alumi-num" sounds funny.

Here is a a quick break on the Trail:

Activity: Hiking

Near City: Las Vegas

Location: Red Rock Canyon

Elevation gain : 600 ft

Skill level: Moderate to difficult

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

PS: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

Africancrab says:
Ha-ha! the American version of English still buffles me. But unlike you, I grew up in Africa and studied under a strict British system. Pronounciation of words was critical to spelling it and doing it wrong was considered disrespectful. I have an American child who argues English with me most of the time, she thinks I need to learn 'better' English, she means American English of course. She corrects words like dust bin vs trash can, car boot vs trunk, make haste vs hurry up
Posted on: Mar 28, 2010
magnificent says:
I like how you have a vast array of interest. I grew up in America and I can't say Aluminum in any version ;)
You are complete with your writing, a good example!
Posted on: Mar 28, 2010
Africancrab says:
You are having your honeymoon in the USA? How awesome. The marriage is still in Europe right? I think you mentioned one of the Eastern European countries, was it latvia? You will have fun in the US. I have not been to Mount Washington, so I can't advise, but I'm sure you can find blogs on it here on TB Daniel.
Posted on: Mar 18, 2010
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Taking a break on one of the bould…
Taking a break on one of the boul…
RJ, Melanie, Harriet, Jenn and Matt
RJ, Melanie, Harriet, Jenn and Matt
Red Rock Canyon
photo by: pearcetoyou