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The stall where I purchased our drinks.
Our first stop on the cruise is Singapore.  We got in today at about 9am but couldn't leave until later.  After breakfast we wandered the ship a bit, looking at the port and more of the ship.  We found the hidden night club so hopefully it will be packed tonight. 

The port is actually their commercial crate harbor so we had to be shuttled to the downtown area.  The spot they dropped us at was a tourist spot so we 

As we were getting around I noticed that most things were in English.  Also the people spoke much better English than the Thai's.  This is a big city with a lot of commerce.  I could live here. 

From there based, on a referral from Kim's friend we went to a local food market and had Chicken and Rice.
One of several China town shopping streets in Singapore.
  It was great.  We had a lime drink and sugercane juice drink with the rice.  Wow!  Very basic, but great.  The line for the place was long even though there must have been five other stalls selling the same thing. 

We used the subway to get there and it's really easy to use.  We need these in Denver...bad.   They're quick and cheap, way better than a bus too.

We were planning on going to the zoo but it started raining so instead we walked around their China Town and bumped into a mall that was huge.  I couldn't beleive how big it was.  I learned later that it was actually three malls tied together but was huge.

We only really had a few hours on the island because we couldn't get off until nearly 11am and had to be back by 7pm.  Less than 8 hours when you count transport time etc.

The internet on the boat sucks.  It's $100US for 240 minutes, or about 40 cents per minute of internet access.  Loading photos or even writing blogs would be very difficult at that pace so we'll do some posting from there but we know that we'll have to do some from the ports which is where we are at now. 
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The stall where I purchased our dr…
The stall where I purchased our d…
One of several China town shopping…
One of several China town shoppin…
A really neat looking building in …
A really neat looking building in…
The ship as we exited.
The ship as we exited.
Kim in front of our boat.
Kim in front of our boat.
photo by: easyjobrob