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To honor the King many Thai's wear yellow on Mondays.
We tried to see all we could today.  Unfortunately we fell for a bit of a scam at the Grand Palace and even though we traveled there twice we didn't make it in.  They keep saying that the place is closed.  Don't fall for that scam if you ever make it here. 

One thing I've noticed over the past few days is that Bangkok is stuck in the 80's.  Despite their advanced use of technology, they seem to love Madonna.  I also noticed that their commercials, which we saw on the SkyTrain which have televisions on them, are pretty funny even if they're not in English. 

Today is Monday which is the King's birthday so everyone is wearing yellow to show respect.  Many of the yellow shirts have company logos on them.
The laying Buddha. I was stunned at how large it is.
  I think that this is so common place that companies just deal with it by putting a logo on the shirt and allowing the employees to come to work in them.  Our tour guide later told us that on Monday you can wear the yellow shirt to a wedding and it would be completely acceptable.  I wonder if that even goes for the bride?

We travelled on a river boat today, which was really neat.  For 100 baht (about $3US) we could take the boat all day up and down the main river.  We used the heck out of this service.  There is no need to take an organized tour in a city with this much public transportation. 

We saw two major Wat's including the large Buddha that was laying down.  It was huge.  I don't think that the photos I have will do it justice.
A beautiful Wat. This was the temple of the Sun I think. Notice the people on the left side walking up it. I did was amazing.
  I overheard on of the guides mention that it is the largest in Thailand, however only the third largest in the world.  It's true that you have to take your shoes off to enter the temple but they have a place for you to leave them.  They had signs up explaining that you shouldn't sit with the bottoms of your feet facing them.

We also visited one of the major Wat's.  Just link in Europe, once you've seen wat or two you get tired of them but this one was neat because they let you walk up it.  I walked up two of the steep flights and the view was incredible. 

For lunch we had a hot pot.  You order raw ingredients and then cook them in a pot of broth at your table.  Then you can eat it and drink the broth.
This was what our hot pot looked like. The vegetables and meat you order cook in front of you in a simmering broth. It was great.
  We had a lot of fun with that but I think with practice we would make a much better broth.  Ours had pork and a bunch of vegetables. 

At the end of the day we went back to the Patpong market.  We had tried to go there last night but were there too early.  Tonight we arrived at prime shopping time.  Kim bought two genuine (right!) designer purses.  One of them the guys actually lit a match on to show that it wouldn't melt or burn.  Every few minutes someone would offer to take us to the Ping Pong show.  I'll leave that up to your imagination...I don't think this feat is actually possible but...  It was raining while we were there and since this is a street market there were tarps over us.  The Thai's had an elaborate drainage system to help with the water, however it was a bit scary.  As Kim negotiated the price of the purse the vendor was using a stick to keep the water from pooling on the 'roof'.  I just knew that we would get soaked at any time.  

I wasn't real hungry for some reason so we just had a few beers at the Irish pub again and Kim ate.  Another fully day.  Our feet ached and we slept well. 
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To honor the King many Thais wear…
To honor the King many Thai's wea…
The laying Buddha.  I was stunned …
The laying Buddha. I was stunned…
A beautiful Wat.  This was the tem…
A beautiful Wat. This was the te…
This was what our hot pot looked l…
This was what our hot pot looked …
A view from the Wat I walked up.
A view from the Wat I walked up.
photo by: rintjez