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The Dam market.

Our second day in Vietnam didn't go near as well as our first.  We didn't dock until 8am or so and we didn't actually dock.  Again we had to take tenders from the ship to the shore.  Since we weren't taking a tour the soonest we could hope to get off was at 9am.  We got breakfast (they finally served grits) and then went to the lounge to wait...and wait...  We didn't get on a tender until almost 11am.  One of the crew had recorded the Bronco game so I got to see them win in the last 2 seconds with a field goal.  I don't know when they played though.

Once we got to the shore it was raining and hasn't stopped.  Our first thought was to wander from the port and look around.  We were again hounded by the local hawkers.

The Dam Market offered a ton of fresh foods. This was not a tourist market.
  After we walked two blocks with a couple of motocycle taxis following, almost begging us to ride with them we decided to go back and take the ship's bus shuttle into downtown.  The shuttle dropped us off at the Dam Market which was promptly left. 

It was a short walk to the beach which was beautiful despite the rain.  I was a little turned off when first saw a man peeing, and then shortly later a woman.  That was a little disturbing since I've never really seen a woman urinate before.  The beach is huge.  Kim has a goal of putting her feet in to all the seas of the world and this was no exception.  She marched out there so I could take a picture....constantly running back towards the shore fearing the waves would splash her back.

The beach of Na Trang
  Did I mention it was still raining and we were already soaked?

Fortunatly it was warm...warm enough that I didn't mind being wet. 

We wandered around in the rain a bit and then decided to eat.  Our first atttempt was a seedy bar.  Everyone looked at us..peering..and I was pretty sure they didn't want us there.  We stayed for a moment, only long enough to confuse the wait staff who didn't speak english and then left.  I did leave a buck for a tip so I don't think they were too offended.  We decided to go somewhere a little more public and ended up at a great small family shop selling Pho.  This is probably my favorite asian dish now.  It's in competition with Pad Thai.

Pho is a noodle that they put in a flaverful broth.

Kim walking in the South China Sea.
  You can order it with cooked beef, raw beef, chicken, shrimp, or really anything else...your limited only by the cook.  I typically get the raw beef because it is sliced thin and cooks in the steaming hot broth.  Along side they serve an assortment of sauces and vegies.  Typically there are bean sprouts and basil but I've had it in the past with other things.  Today I got the pre cooked beef and put a bunch of veggies in it.  It was great, better than I expected, and everything I had hoped it would be.  We had a Saigon 333 beer which was good too.  While they have refridgeration here it isn't widely used so all the beverages I've had have been warm and this was no exception.  They served the warm canned beer with a mug that contained a brick of ice.
One of the typical streets of Na Trang.
  I don't think that it's safe to drink water in Vietnam yet so I just drank the beer warm.  It was good...I should have had two.  The total meal for both of us costed $46,000 dong which was about $2.50USD.  I gave them a $5 and didn't ask for change although she offered several times.

From there we wandered a bit more and then ended up in the internet cafe.  We only have about an hour left before we have to return to the ship.  Our day here was scheduled from 9am to 5pm, however we had to catch the shuttle bus at the market by 4pm and we didn't get to the market until nearly noon.  All in all we've had 4 hours.  Not enough time but since it's raining oh well. 

As soon as we're done we'll wander the market a bit and then get on the bus.   Tonight they have Scary-o-kee (I think that's what they called it).  Kim told me that when she's not much of a singer...and the byline to the advertisement is "Have you got a voice that can peel paint?  Then this is your night"  I'm going to try and get her on the stage.

rezacp says:
we'll have to go somewhere here in town and see if they can do poh the way you like it, never had it, sounds good.
Posted on: Oct 23, 2007
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The Dam market.
The Dam market.
The Dam Market offered a ton of fr…
The Dam Market offered a ton of f…
The beach of Na Trang
The beach of Na Trang
Kim walking in the South China Sea.
Kim walking in the South China Sea.
One of the typical streets of Na T…
One of the typical streets of Na …
Nha Trang
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