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This is Kim at one of the many Duty Free shops in the Tokyo Airport
The trip out was long.  We had three segments:
  • Denver to Seattle.  This flight was about 3 hours long and we had a two hour layover.  Just enough time to have clam chowder for lunch and talk to the waitress who happened to be from Thailand. 
  • Seattle to Tokyo.  This was the longest flight segment at 10 hours.  I tried to sleep several time in an effort to avoid jet lag when we got into town.  I couldn't sleep at all unfortunatly.  I watched two of the movies and read a book.  Suprisingly I read almost the entire book. 
  • Tokyo to Bangkok.  This flight was about 6 hours and at this point I was so tired I napped on and off for the whole time.  We had a little more room on the plane but flying economy for international flights is painful.
    The Tokoy Airport. This picture doesn't really show how steril the place feels.
The Seattle airport is very nice.  They must have a lot of layovers there because there were numerous sit down dining places that actually had waiting lists.  The food was great though and it was nice walking around a bit before we got on to the long flight.

The Tokyo airport was an experience.  It was steril and I felt that every item there had a specific reason for its location and that there was nothing out of place.  The bathroom was interesting because there were several standing urinals, however the toilets came in three varities in each bathroom.  A 'traditional' American toilet; an electronic toilet that I think would wash your buttocks after you were done, and finally a porcaline hole that you could squat over.  Fortunatly I didn't use any of them.

Once we arrived in Bangkok our trip to the hotel was uneventful.  We had planned for a ride to the airport so when we arrived there was a woman holding a sign with my name....weird.  I hadn't had that happen before.  She took us to a small car with a driver who was very nice.  Our hotel was about 15 minutes from the airport and we got settled in at about 11:30 pm Bangkok time.  There was enough time for us to have a few drinks, relax, and go to bed. 

All in all the travel day took about 26 hours.  That seems like a long time but it actually didn't feel like it was that long.
CAS88 says:
You should have tried the electric toilet just to see if it would wash the buns.

Posted on: Oct 17, 2007
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This is Kim at one of the many Dut…
This is Kim at one of the many Du…
The Tokoy Airport.  This picture d…
The Tokoy Airport. This picture …
photo by: crystalware