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The sign in our bathroom. I think there was something lost in the translation
What started as a painful day quickly became a great day.  We couldn't get off the boat until 10:30 am and were able to find our ride quickly.  It was a three hour trip which scared the heck out of Kim.  Beijing has to have the worst driver's in the world.  Many of the other places we visited drive pretty bad but Beijing was amazing.  People drove the wrong way on divide highways and all signs or signals seemed to be more of suggestions than actual rules. 

We got to our hotel finally.  After such a long trip I had to use the restroom and discovered that the bathroom door in our hotel room was broken. wasn't stuck open.  It wouldn't open after it was shut and of course I was inside at that point.
Tiena min Square. The building in the background is the entrance to the Forbidden City.
  After about 20 minutes of being nice the hotel finally kicked the door in. 

We ended up walking all over town.  In hindsight we saw more today than we did any other day in Beijing.  Tienamin Square was neat to see, but it's just a big open area.  What made it intersting is that you could feel the communisim in the air.  It was so thick that I feared creating this blog while I was there. 

From there we wandered around and found the Police Museum.  This was four floors of pure propaganda.  It was neat to see it and I'm glad that some of it was in English.  We wandered around a bit more and found the Underground City, a large bunker area that supposedly connects the major government buildings and can house numerous soldiders and politicians in a time of war.  Only some of it was open to the public.

Finally we ended up at Tim and Suzies hotel where we had planned to meet at.  Lee and Michell arrived shortly later and we had dinner at an all you can eat Japonese buffet.  It wasn't a traditional buffet because you still ordered from a waitress, but it was all you could eat...and drink.  It only costed about $20US for all you could eat and drink.

It was such a productive day that Kim and I were exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel.  We made arrangments with our friends to go to the Great Wall on Sunday, and the Forbidden City tomorrow.
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The sign in our bathroom.  I think…
The sign in our bathroom. I thin…
Tiena min Square.  The building in…
Tiena min Square. The building i…
The countdown clock for the Summer…
The countdown clock for the Summe…
Dinner with our friends.
Dinner with our friends.
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