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this is a repost from blogs on my fb page about my travel experience...

These are real questions i was asked when i got back no kidding...

1.Morocco is a country?
Sometimes it is, other times is the sound you make when eating something chewy.
2. Was it hot there?
No i just thought i cover my body in camel dung and brown henna so it could look like i got a tan
3. You sure the henna wasnt some kind of satanic initiation?
Yes, as a matter of fact i danced around the fire three times and proclaimed him my lord and master.
4. Was there human body parts in your food?
yes as a matter of fact just like in Indiana Jones I had soup of monkey brains,snail,camel groin and human arms and boy was it tasty.
5. How did you survive without being able to read the signs?
well you know people there didnt really speak they just kinda gestured and many funny sounds when they attempted to speak.
6. Did you meet any men?
Actually can you believe the whole city was full of women only? Jeez i was like what do i have to do to get some testostorone out here.
7. how did you get around without no transportation?
I rode my camel everywhere, sometimes i even took him into the clubs with me for photo ops or when i felt like being fancy i rode a carpet through the medina you wouldnt believe how much easier it made things.
8. Is there any nightlife there?
no actually everyone in morocco is afraid of the night, they cower and go into their houses once its dark outside.
9. Did you sleep in a palace?
yes im actually the king's second cousin. Palace is nothing, a palace dug into the atlas mountains now thats something.
10. Did you catch any serious illnesses?
yes in addition to malaria, i got three stds and ebola virus all within reaching the morocco gate at the airport.
11. Did people spit when they talked to you?
yes initially i was taking out an umbrella but that quickly became incovenient when present in tiny shops.
12.Did you get arrested for not wearing a veil?
yes actually i decided i was going to come out the shower in my towel when suddendly the whole moroccan police force swarmed in my bedroom.
13. Is it true you can get stuff for dirt cheap out there?
yes i got a carpet,lamp and three silver bracelets all for 99 cents.
14. Where they any cute guys there?
no all the men look like shrek
15. Were there animals everywhere?
yes i thought it was unusual when a bengal tiger was showering in my bathtub but then the owner said thats the fact of life.
16. What happens if you reveal you are a christian?
well they were going to kill me but instead they decided to let me see the beauty of morocco right before they dismembered my body and spread it through the desert with tags that said die you evil christian.
17. Why spent two weeks in morocco, cant you do it all in less time?
morocco is actually a tiny little village you can walk in twenty minutes but you would be surprised how long it takes to walk it. The sahara alone is just some sand from a beach someone decided to make into nice little dunes. Morocco in one day no problem.

joehobo says:
Nice reading.
Posted on: Oct 28, 2010
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